Service No : JC440476H

Birth Place : Tejur, Karnataka

Service: Army

Last Rank: Subedar

Unit : 19 Madras

Arm/Regt : The Madras Regiment

Operation: Op Meghdoot

Date of Martyrdom: Feb 03, 2016

Subedar Nagesha TT

Subedar Nagesha TT, hailed from Tejur in Hassan district of Karnataka. He joined the Army in the year 1994 and was recruited into 19 Madras of the Madras Regiment, a Regiment known for its gallant soldiers and various battle exploits. By 2016, Sub Nagesha had put in about 22 years of service, out of 12 years had been in field areas with challenging working conditions. During his service career, Sub Nagesha had taken part in ‘Operation Parakaram’, where he had laid and recovered a large number of mines. He also served in ‘Operation Rakhshak’ at Mendhar in Jammu and Kashmir for two years where he was actively involved in counterinsurgency operations. He again volunteered to serve with Rashtriya Rifles battalion in Jammu and Kashmir for two years where he displayed indomitable courage and leadership in fighting terrorism.


Sub Nagesha also went to the North East from 2009 to 2012 to serve in ‘Operation Rhino’ where he formed part of several successful operations against the militants as the ghatak platoon JCO. He was serving in the super high altitude areas of Siachen Glacier from Aug 2015 and was handpicked for commanding one of the most important and highest posts at an altitude of 19600 feet since Dec 2015. His colleagues remember him as ‘Rambo’, who was always ready to help others by carrying their weapons and other load in addition to his own.


Siachen Glacier Avalanche : 03 Feb 2016


During 2016, Sub Nagesha was serving with the unit deployed in Siachen Glacier. He was one of the ten soldiers who got buried under snow after their camp in the northern part of the Siachen glacier was hit by a major avalanche in Feb 2016. The avalanche struck the camp located in the northern Siachen Glacier, at a height of 19,600 feet, in the early hours of 3rd Feb 2016. The post was manned by Sub Nagesha, a Junior Commissioned Officer and nine soldiers. The rescue operations were carried out by specialized teams of the Army and the Air Force which were being coordinated from Leh and Udhampur.


Soldiers face extreme risks in manning the inhospitable terrain at heights of 21,000 feet under extreme weather conditions on the world’s highest battlefield. Avalanches usually take place due to the accumulation of snow and are triggered by morning sunlight. In other cases, when the slope of accumulated snow is between 60 to 80 degrees, the instability leads to an avalanche. Although the Army has a unit of the Snow Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) in Jammu and Kashmir, with several observatories at various locations to issue warnings and alerts to the Army formations and units, it could not detect this avalanche and the cause also could not be known.


The teams of Army and the Air Force undertook massive rescue operations under extreme weather conditions but could not save the life of this brave soldier. The nation will remain grateful to him for his courage and supreme sacrifice. Sub Nagesha TT is survived by his wife Asha and two sons Amit TN and Preetham TN.

A Memorial dedicated to Subedar Nagesha TT has been erected in Hassan district of Karnataka.

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