Service No : 29875 F(P)

Date of Birth : July 17, 1986

Place of birth : Ghaziabad,, (UP)

Last Rank : Squadron Leader

Arm/Regt : Indian Air Force

Martyrdom : February 1, 2019

Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol

Squadron Leader Samir Abrol, born on 17 July 1986 hailed from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Son of Shri Sanjeev Abrol and Smt Sushma Abrol, Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol came from a business family, but he had a dream to join the armed forces right from his childhood. After completing his schooling from Ryan International School Ghaziabad, he pursued his dream and joined the prestigious NDA. He got selected for the IAF in the flying branch and was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in the fighter stream on 21 June 2008. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol was a trained fighter pilot of the IAF having more than 3500 hours of flying to his credit. He had the experience of flying several aircraft such as Sukhoi-30, Tejas, Hawks, and Jaguars, but the Mirage 2000 was special to him. Before being posted to the Bangalore-based elite Air Force unit, Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE), he had served in various front-line Air Force bases operating different types of fighter aircraft.


After gaining expertise in flying various types of fighter aircraft Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol got selected as a test pilot and was posted to the IAF’s premier Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE). The ASTE  is one of the few institutions in the world which evaluates aircraft and systems for induction into user organization(IAF) and has on its strength the pilots, who have the best flying skills and are capable of flying high-risk certification missions. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol was one such pilot serving with the ASTE and was engaged in carrying out various acceptance trial sorties for aircraft produced/upgraded by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL).


Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol was a voracious reader and an avid biker too. A member of the Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club of Bangalore, Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol, was a fitness enthusiast and loved cycling and physical exercises. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol got married to Ms. Garima, a physiotherapist and a fitness instructor from Punjab in May 2015.


Mirage 2000 Aircraft Crash: 01 Feb 2019 


During 2018-19, Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol was serving with ASTE as a test pilot and was conducting certification missions on a regular basis. The missions were essentially undertaken to check the functioning of the systems/sub-systems for their conformity to the standards accepted by the IAF. On the 01st of February 2019, Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol and Sqn Ldr Siddarth Negi were tasked for one such acceptance trial sortie on an upgraded Mirage 2000 trainer aircraft. This aircraft had already been flown six times by the test pilots at HAL and it was the second customer(IAF) sortie. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol and Sqn Ldr Siddarth Negi were experienced pilots and knew their tasks well. After the necessary flying briefing, both pilots took off as planned.


However, during the takeoff roll, there was an uncontrollable technical snag and the aircraft hit the arrest barrier at the end of the runway and dragged it. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol and Sqn Ldr Siddarth Negi were forced to eject but it was too late. The parachutes got deployed but both the pilots sustained serious injuries as they fell near to the burning wreckage of the aircraft. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol and Sqn Ldr Siddarth Negi later succumbed to their injuries and the IAF lost two valiant and committed air warriors in a tragic manner. Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol was a dedicated soldier and a professional competent air warrior who laid down his life in the service of the nation.


Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol is survived by his father Shri Sanjeev Abrol, mother Smt Sushma Abrol, wife Smt Garima Abrol and brother Shri Sushant Abrol. Later carrying forward the legacy of her husband, Garima Abrol joined the Indian Air Force and was commissioned as a Flying Officer in Dec 2020.

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  • Juli Sharma

    2022at7:20 pm Reply

    Happiest Birthday Dear Samir Sir
    we Miss You Sir
    Jai Hind Jai Hind ki Sena


    2022at7:21 pm Reply

    My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Squadron Leader Samir Abrol’s family on this tragic passing of such a courageous man. His sacrifice will be forever remembered and i hope he will be shine in our memories like his medals. we have no words to thank this man, for his sacrifices and we just want to tell you that he wil always be a part of our prayers.

  • Singh

    2022at7:23 pm Reply

    Happy Birthday Samir Sir
    By the way ….you look handsome in moustaches ……..Hope you might have impressed many angels around you
    Many many returns of the day Sir …Party Hard

  • Singh

    2022at7:25 pm Reply

    Who says that Samir Sir is gone…..I can easily see him flying very high , even beyond the sky of this mere world. But yeah , can’t see with the naked eyes . See you soon hero . Jai hind Sir .
    Keep flying high

  • Anushri Balaji

    2022at7:26 pm Reply

    Gone too soon, out of words. The nation shall always remember your bravery and sacrifice for the country. Jai Hind.

  • Manika Dixit

    2022at7:27 pm Reply

    Being from a Defense family has many unique privileges as well as challenges. I wish to let you know today and remember that your nation is forever grateful to you for your service.
    Fortunately, & proudly being from a defense family, I could relate to all the stress and struggles that a family feel because of deployment, moving, reuniting after long periods apart or even the loss of the dear ones. But what is most brave and courageous of you is to devote yourself for the service of this nation even knowing the hardships, struggles and what not to come on your way.
    For you to carry on and count the days until your loved one is home again is incredibly difficult, but you do it and all of us here are grateful for it.
    We thank you all for your service, sacrifices, love and affection for the nation. Yours is no less than the contribution made by our Soldiers, or even more.

    Jai Hind!!

    With Love,
    Your Extended Family, a Proud Indian!


    2022at7:28 pm Reply

    Yes you are right they all are doing so much for us so we should also give them something the air force , navy ,army ,etc. Are trying to protect . We should respect soldiers of our country they are protecting us from the enemies and terrorists . Thanks for their effort .. Jai hind


    2022at7:29 pm Reply

    In reply to Let Col SMS Grover.
    If we will be brave we will get peace . We should should respect our Indian army .

  • Abinav Balachandar

    2022at7:29 pm Reply

    Sqn Ldr Samir Abrol sir turns 34 this year ! I think honor should add a fact that later on after few months his wife Garima Abrol cleared SSB to join IAF
    thank you

  • samagna

    2022at7:30 pm Reply

    your sacrifice never forget by the peoples of the india

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