Service No : 4864 F(N)

Date of Birth : April 15, 1934

Last Rank : Sqn Ldr

Unit : 9 Wing AF

Arm/Regt : Indian Air Force

Operation : Op Cactus Lily

Awards : SC

Martyrdom : December 4, 1971

Sqn Ldr Gopal Krishan Arora SC

Sqn Ldr Gopal Krishan Arora was born on 15 Apr 1934. He was commissioned into the Indian Air Force on 16 Apr 1955 at the age of 21 years. He joined the flying stream of the IAF and got trained as a navigator as part of 9 NAV course. After completing his flying training, he served with various flying squadrons located at different Air Force bases. By 1971, he had put in around 15 years of service and evolved into a professionally competent navigator having expertise in various air operations.


Indo-Pak War (Air Operations) : 04 Dec 1971


During Dec 1971, Sqn Ldr GK Arora  was serving with 7 GTS a Missile Squadron of the IAF based at Halwara. The missile sqn was deployed at Air Force base at Halwara to provide air defence to the Base and engage any enemy aircraft intruding  the Indian air space. He was working with the surface to air guided weapons Squadron, as a controller for guiding the Squadron to engage enemy aircraft. He set up the guided weapons Command Post and fully integrated it with the local Air Defense system.


Sqn Ldr Arora carried out his duty very diligently and remained at his post without break and guiding the Squadron to engage intruding enemy aircraft. His efforts culminated in the successful engagement of enemy bomber aircraft while it was raiding the airfield. However, on 04 Dec 1971, while still on duty he inadvertently stepped on a hidden explosive, which had been dropped during an enemy raid and got grievously injured. Later he succumbed to his injuries and a dedicated and committed air warrior was lost in the line of duty. Sqn Ldr Gopal Krishan Arora displayed courage and devotion to duty of a very high order during the war and was awarded “Shaurya Chakra”.


Sqn Ldr Leader Gopal Krishan Arora is survived by his wife Mrs Pushpa Arora and son Shri Deepak Arora.

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  • Vivek Shil Ahuja

    2021at2:16 pm Reply

    Proud to be knowing the family of the Great Martyr Sqn Ldr G. K. Arora who bravely given his life for this Nation. Salute to the Great Martyr n Sincerely Pray for the Peace of Brave n Noble Soul of Sqn Ldr G K Arora and also wish the Best for the family members who also sacrifice n fought practical life to become Top Class Citizens of the Nation. I pay n Register my Highest Deep Regards to Son of the Nation n also for the Noble n Brave Family. JAI Hind.

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