Service No : 2516768N

Place of birth : Barnala Dist(Pun)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Sepoy

Unit : 21 Punjab

Arm/Regt : The Punjab Regiment

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Martyrdom : April 25, 2021

Sepoy Amardeep Singh

Sepoy Amardeep Singh hailed from Karamgarh village in Barnala district of Punjab. Son of Shri Manjeet Singh, Sep Amardeep Singh joined the Army after completing his school education on 22 Dec 2018 at the age of 20 years. He was recruited into 21 Punjab battalion of the Punjab Regiment, an infantry Regiment of Indian Army well known for its intrepid soldiers and numerous battle & theater honours. 


Siachen Glacier Avalanche :  25 April 2021


During April 2021, Sep Amardeep Singh’s unit 21 Punjab was deployed in the southern sector of the Siachen glacier in Ladakh. This sector was one of the most remote parts of the glacier and remained inaccessible during winter. The troops besides manning designated posts also operated regular patrols to monitor the area along the border. Sep Amardeep Singh along with few other soldiers was on one such patrol on 25 Apr 2021. While the patrol team was traversing through the snow-clad terrain in sub-sector Haneef in southern Glacier area, a horrific avalanche struck them, giving very little time to take any action. The soldiers faced extreme risks in manning the inhospitable terrain at heights over 19,000 feet under extreme weather conditions on the world’s highest battlefield. Avalanches usually took place due to the accumulation of snow and were triggered by morning sunlight. In other cases, when the slope of accumulated snow was between 60 to 80 degrees, the instability led to an avalanche. Although the Army had a unit of the Snow Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) in Jammu and Kashmir, with several observatories at various locations to issue warnings and alerts to the Army formations and units, it could not detect this avalanche.


The rescue operation was launched by the army with a team equipped with specialized types of equipment. However, the soldiers had got buried under tons of snow and it was very difficult to locate them. Despite the herculean efforts, Sep Amardeep Singh and Sep Parabjeet Singh of the unit could not be saved, owing to their prolonged exposure to extreme cold conditions. Sep Amardeep Singh was a brave and dedicated soldier who laid down his life at the age of 23 years in the line of his duty.


Sep Amardeep Singh is survived by father Shri Manjeet Singh.

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  • Korla Srinivasa Rao

    2021at10:48 am Reply

    Thank for you patrlotisam and sacrifice fir nation.

    Jai Hind

    Korla.srinivasa Rao

    HQ. Rajahmundry.

  • Swapnil Uttarwar

    2021at3:52 pm Reply

    Thank you for your sacrifice for the nation. We are so proud of you & your family. Such a inspiration for us. You are the real hero’s of nation.
    Jai Hind!

  • Naina Gupta

    2021at6:18 pm Reply

    Dear Sepoy!
    The whole nation is so proud of you, that you gave meaning to live on this earth. Your sacrifice will never be drained. Thank you for protecting us where we did not even know what you had undergone.
    Jai Hind:)

  • Gv Rakshitha

    2021at7:06 pm Reply

    Immensely blessed to take this opportunity to thank the immeasurable sacrifice you have done to this country sir, Indians like you are the ones that keep our country safe. Your determined decision to prioritize the country over your own life is what keeps billions of Indian families afloat. You’re the actual heroes. We are completely unconcerned with the difficulties you experience. You understand the true meaning of sacrifice after spending days and months away from your loved ones and family. Our nation will always remember you and your contribution to this country, you are a great inspiration to everyone of us who get scared for meaner problems whereas you in the border struggle for your life while taking care of this nation. Thank you so much for your sacrifice.

  • Arman Arora

    2021at7:43 pm Reply

    While I am writing this, there are so many thoughts that are going through my mind. I have a job, I work for some hours sitting comfortably at my home but on the other side, you along with other soldiers had been there who were never off duty even in these harsh climate conditions so as to keep the people of the country safe and alive. To be honest, you guys are heroes! Thank you for providing me the freedom to live the life God has so graciously given to us. Thank you so much for everything you did for this country and its people! Jai Hind! 😀

  • Anantha Rao Sanapathi.

    2021at9:59 am Reply

    Dear Brave Family Members..
    First of all Happy Freedom Day to all in advance….

    I would like to say a Sorry and a Thank you.

    Sorry for the lost we Had.. He may not be with us now. But, He will be there forever in our hearts.

    Thanks, you gave us a brave heart. Everyday we live was torn and brought from his dairy.

    There are no words to convey our gratitude.
    There is no honour to replace your sacrifice.

    Chin Up.. We are proud of him..

    Stay strong, we are with you.

    With Love…

  • Pallavi Warad

    2021at10:34 am Reply

    “No words and No sentence can describe your sacrifices”
    A big solute to you and your family…
    Real Hero of India….
    Thanks to you and your family…
    जय हिन्द जय भारत।

  • Diksha sharma

    2021at1:06 pm Reply

    Ae vattan, vattan mere abad rhe tu……if we are living with freedom and our choices, you all are reason for this.our words are nothing in front of your sacrifice for our nation.your name and sacrifice will always bloom in our heart with fragrance of independence we are celebrating every day and every second.
    Jai hind

  • Rishabh Bhatla

    2021at2:16 pm Reply

    While we sit comfortably writing this, bravehearts like him were fighting it out in the toughest of the conditions one could imagine. A big thank you for enabling us to be safe and secure in our homes. Your heroics would never be forgotten Sepoy. People like you give meaning to the words “Happy Independence Day”. Jai Hind

  • Akanksha Ahuja

    2021at2:53 pm Reply

    Sepoy Amardeep Singh,
    Your valor and grit as a soldier will forever live in our hearts. You are the real heroes of the nation. Jai Hind!

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