Service No : 2848454Y

Date of Birth : March 4, 1942

Place of birth : Sikar Dist (Raj),

Last Rank : Rifleman

Unit : 4 Raj Rif

Arm/Regt : The Rajputana Rifles

Awards : VrC

Martyrdom : December 31, 1962

Rifleman Jethoo Singh VrC

Rifleman Jethoo singh hailed from Jhilmil village of Sikar district in Rajasthan and was born on 4 March 1942. Son of Shri Kal Singh and Smt Son Kanwar, Rfn Jethoo singh joined the Army on 4th March 1961 at the age of 19 years. He was recruited into the 4 Raj Rif battalion of the Rajputana Rifles Regiment, an infantry regiment known for its valiant soldiers. Very early into his service career, he got an opportunity to serve in an UN Mission, when his unit got deployed in Congo as part of UN peace Keeping Force. 


UN Operation (Congo): 31 Dec 1962


During Dec 1962, Rfn Jethoo Singh's battalion 4 Raj Rif was on deputation to United Nations peace-keeping force. He was part of the Indian contingent deployed in Congo in Africa. The Indian contingent was part of the UN force tasked to function as per the UN mandate in the trouble-torn Congo. The armed rebels posed a serious threat to UN forces and the civilian population as well. On 31 December 1962, 4 Raj Rif Company was tasked for an operation against the rebels and Rfn Jethoo Singh was made part of that task force. 


Rfn Jethoo Singh's Company was given the task of advancing along the Elizabethville-Jadotville road in Congo. Rfn Jethoo Singh was leading the platoon that came under heavy and sustained mortar, medium machine gun and small arms fire from three directions. As they were advancing, from his right side, an enemy light machine gun post opened fire on the company commander’s party which was following him. Sensing danger to his comrades, Rfn Jethoo Singh along with another rifleman, charged the enemy post. While doing so, the second rifleman received a direct burst in the chest and fell down instantaneously. Assessing the gravity of the situation, Rfn Jethoo Singh then rushed forward alone to silence the enemy light machine gun post. As he was about 20 yards from the post, he was mortally wounded, but before collapsing he threw a hand grenade on the enemy light machine gun post. This daring action by Rfn Jethoo Singh killed two enemy soldiers and silenced the LMG post. Rfn Jethoo Singh during this operation displayed courage and devotion to duty of a high order. 


Rfn Jethoo Singh was given the gallantry award, “Vir Chakra” for his cold courage, devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice.

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