Service No : JC-205049K

Date of Birth : August 2, 1952

Place of birth : Dausa Dist(Raj)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naib Subedar

Unit : 6 Para

Arm/Regt : The Parachute Regiment

Operation : Op Rakshak

Martyrdom : January 28, 1992

Nb Sub Gabdu Ram

Nb Sub Gabdu Ram hailed from Nahida village in  Mahwa tehsil of Dausa district in Rajasthan and was born on 2nd Aug 1952. Son of Shri Dhandhu Ram Gurjar and Smt Jaanjan Devi, he had a brother Lakhan Singh as his sibling. He joined the Indian army after completing his 12th class on 30 June 1971, at the age of 18 years. He was recruited into 6 Para battalion of the Parachute Regiment, an elite infantry Regiment well known for its daredevil para commandos and numerous bold operations. Later 6 Para was converted into a special forces battalion. 


After serving for few years he got married to Ms Rameshwari and the couple was blessed with a daughter Urmila Kumari and a son Satvir Singh. By 1992, Nb Sub Gabdu Ram had put in around twenty years of service and had been promoted to the rank of Naib Subedar. By then he had evolved into a dedicated soldier and a competent Júnior Commissioned Officer.


Area Domination Patrol (Ladakh) : 28 Jan 1992


During Jan 1992, Nb Sub Gabdu Ram's unit was deployed in the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir as a part of Operation Rakshak. The AOR(Area of Responsibility) of the unit spanned over remote rugged mountainous terrain with extreme weather conditions, especially in the winter season. The unit troops were deployed on various forward posts and often undertook armed patrols to monitor the area in between the manned posts.  The posts were located in high-altitude areas with inhospitable weather conditions and rugged terrain. Many posts, as well as the patrol routes of the unit, were prone to snow blizzards, avalanches and unpredictable landslides, especially during winter seasons. One such landslide struck the area domination patrol party of the unit on 28 Jan 1992. Nb Sub Gabdu Ram was part of this patrol along with a few of his comrades.


As a result of the sudden landslide, Nb Sub Gabdu Ram got trapped under tons of snow and went missing. The Army launched concerted efforts and pressed the specially equipped 'Avalanche Rescue Teams' into service to search for the missing soldier. Despite unstinted efforts, the rescue team could not locate Nb Sub Gabdu Ram. Eventually, the body of  Nb Sub Gabdu Ram was recovered after 6 months by the Army. Nb Sub Gabdu Ram was a valiant soldier and committed JCO, who laid down his life in the service of the nation.


Nb Sub Gabdu Ram is survived by his wife Smt Rameshwari Devi, daughter Smt Urmila Kumari, son Shri Satvir Singh and brother Shri Lakhan Singh. 

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