Place of Birth : Jaipur dist, (Raj)

Service: Army

Last Rank: Naik

Unit : 5 Rajput

Arm/Regt : The Rajput Regiment

Operation: CI & IS Ops

Date of Martyrdom : 08 Feb 2020

Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat

Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat hailed from  Luhakna Khurd village in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. After completing his school education, he joined the army and was recruited into 5 Rajput Battalion of the Rajput Regiment, an infantry regiment with a long history of bravery in various wars & operations. During his service career, Naik Rajeev Singh served in various operational areas with challenging terrain and work environments.


Poonch Ceasefire Violation: 08 Feb 2020


During 2020, Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat’s unit 5 Rajput was deployed in Poonch district of J&K. The unit troops were manning the forward posts in the Degwar sector along the LOC.  The LOC remained highly active and volatile with ceasefire violations occurring very often and without any warning. The year 2019 witnessed the highest number of ceasefire violations — 3289 — by Pakistani troops since 2003. Similarly the year 2020 too continued with ceasefire violations. Pakistan continued to violate the 2003 ceasefire agreement with India despite repeated calls for restraint and adherence to the pact during flag meetings between the two sides. In yet another case of ceasefire violation, Pakistani troops opened unprovoked fire in Poonch sector along the LOC on 08 Feb 2020.


On 8th Feb 2020, in the late night Pakistan Army troops initiated unprovoked firing on Indian posts from across the border in Degwar Sector of Poonch. During that period, Naik Rajeev’s unit, 5 Rajput was manning the forward posts along the Line of Control in the Poonch sector. The Pakistani troops violated the ceasefire and resorted to heavy cross border shelling of various Indian Army posts and civilian areas. Indian army responded in a befitting manner to the Pakistani aggression and consequently, a heavy exchange of fire ensued thereafter, which continued intermittently through the night. Heavy caliber weapons and rockets were used during the cross border firing. However, during this cross border shelling, Naik Rajeev Singh and two more soldiers got severely injured by shell splinters.The soldiers were immediately evacuated to the military hospital for specialized treatment. However, Naik Rajeev Singh succumbed to his injuries and was matryred. Naik Rajeev Singh was a valiant and committed soldier who laid down his life in the line of his duty.


Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat is survived by his wife Smt Usha Shekhawat.

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  • Mohit Chauhan

    2020at11:24 am Reply

    Kaise bhool skta hu us din apke cousin ki sadi thi… Jai Hind Brave heart..


    2020at10:59 am Reply

    ha yaar
    salute braveheart

  • Sindhuri Meda

    2021at3:37 pm Reply

    A big salute to Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat. you handled the responsibility of protecting the country which is as much yours as it is mine. You volunteered for a thankless job that comes with no weekends, just so that we could enjoy ours. I cannot imagine how much you must suffer not knowing what is going on every single moment of every day that your loved one is not home with you. Our flag flies not because of the wind that blows it, but because of the breath of the soldiers whose breath blows it. Thank you can never be enough to acknowledge the selfless intent with which you love our country.

  • Sandeep Yeligotla

    2021at3:43 pm Reply

    When the nation is about to drown,
    There are people standing firm to protect its crown.
    They thrive for the nation day and night,
    Against nature and enemies they stand to fight.

    Without any fear they sacrifice their life,
    Not even thinking about their children and wife.
    The pride of the nation is what they preserve,
    But still don’t get the respect that they deserve.

    Guarding border and sharing shoulder,
    With nothing to eat and dying beneath,
    Their eyes never show that they’ve cried,
    But protecting their people will always make them smile with pride.

    Every time a soldier dies,
    Motherland in grief always cries.

    How would it be for a father to see his son go up to the skies before him?
    How would it be for a mother who still remembers his last words while leaving home “I’ll come back soon, Ma”
    How would it be for a young wife with a 2 years old daughter to dare to imagine her future without him?
    How would be for a sister/brother to look at the home without him?

    But he comes home,
    With medals on his chest,
    Wrapped up in the national flag,
    Telling the nation not to cry,
    As he was a soldier born to die!

    He is your brother,
    Fighting for the same mother,
    Do you even bother or realize his sacrifices?
    It’s high time to acknowledge what they did which you are not able to do,
    Your freedom comes at the cost of their lives.
    Visit a soldier’s home, contribute something to their family, share love, bring smiles to the bereaved families.
    Though the word “Thank You” is not a sufficient one, it’s the least we can all do and say…

    Thank you so much for your service and bravery!!!

  • Dr Pinkey N Bhardwaj

    2021at6:39 pm Reply

    A Big Salute to Naik Rajeev Singh Shekhawat.

    Aap Bharat ki Shaan aur Abhimaan ho !

    We respect your sacrifice and dedication.

    We don’t know each other , Thank you very much for protecting & saving us.

    We are indebted to you & your family.

    You are the real brave hero of the country .

    We all are proud of you.

    Thank you very much.

    May god protect your family.

    Jai Hind , Jai Jawan

    Dr Pinkey N Bhardwaj

  • Aditya Jain

    2021at5:51 pm Reply

    Some heroes are made and some are born and I am sure that you were one of those who were born a hero. No amount of thank you’s would be enough for the service you have provided to this nation. The nation will always proud be of you. Jai Hind.

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