Place of Birth : Uttarakhand

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naik

Unit : 1 Mahar

Arm/Regt : The Mahar Regiment

Date of Martyrdom : May 20, 2018

Naik Deepak Nainwal

Naik Deepak Nainwal hailed from Kanchula village in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Son of Shri Chakradhar Nainwal and Smt Parvati Devi , Naik Deepak had joined  the Indian Army after completing his education. He was recruited into 1 Mahar of the famed Mahar Regiment, a regiment of the Infantry known for its fearless soldiers and numerous battle honours.


After serving for some time he got married to Ms Jyoti and the couple had a daughter Lavanya and a son Reyansh. He served with his parent unit for few years and later was deputed to serve with 1 RR battalion deployed in J & K for counter-insurgency operations.


Kulgam Operation: 1o Apr 2018


During  2018, Naik Deepak Nainwal’s unit was deployed in Kulgam district of J & K and was engaged in operations against the militants on a regular basis. On 10th April 2018, information was received from the intelligence source about the presence of terrorists at a house in Wani Mohalla in Khudwani village of Kulgam district of J&K. Based on the information a decision was taken by the security forces to launch an operation to flush out the terrorists. The operation was launched by a joint team of 1 RR battalion of the Army, Special Operation Group(SOG) of J & K Police and CRPF at around 11:30 pm.


The joint team swung into action and the suspected area was cordoned off. On being challenged the terrorists fired at the troops and a fierce gun battle ensued thereafter. The gun battle continued for over 12 hours till the morning of 11 Apr 2018. However, during the heavy exchange of fire Naik Deepak Nainwal got hit in his spine area and sustained serious injuries. Initially he was shifted to Delhi’s Army Research and Referral hospital for treatment and later he was transferred to a military hospital in Pune, for further specialized care. However, Naik Deepak Nainwal lost the battle for life and succumbed to his injuries on 20 May 2018. Naik Deepak Nainwal was a fearless and committed soldier who laid down his life in the service of the nation. Naik Deepak Nainwal’s wife Smt Jyoti took the tragedy in her stride and decided to take his legacy forward by joining the army. Her dream finally came true on 20 Nov 2021, when she passed out of OTA Chennai as a commissioned officer of Indian Army.


Naik Deepak Nainwal is survived by his wife, Smt Jyoti Nainwal (Now Lieutenant Jyoti Nainwal), daughter Lavanya, son Reyansh, father Shri Chakradhar Nainwal, mother Smt Parvati Devi , sister Poonam and brother Pradeep.

Dear father,


Your youth, your energy your care the country shall miss! Your discipline, your devotion, and valor the Mahars shall miss! You Companionship, your fun-loving nature your friends shall miss! But I…have some things to write….for I don’t miss them…..I remember them I remember how you held me close to you…warmth of your hands the security of your arms! I remember…. How you would have laughed with me when I made silly faces, how you teased me about going back now and then .remember how when I cried…you were concerned and you did everything To have my smile back on my face… I remember how you told me to be a free bird in the sky…and go beyond Where you have not been to… I remember you told me to take care of mamaa and brother when you left Not thinking about family or friends, you went to ensure all of them remain happy!


Fearless and Positive about the outcome… took the wounds like flowers! Oh, it must have hurt papa! I remember thinking it makes me hurt…. I remember what it was like when the news came…I remember because I felt hurt, pained, paralyzed yet proud…when I paid my final salute to you! You suffered; she was not quick, I remember…and it all went on… Till she won over you…..I know now how I shall remember it! I remember it now and I shall remember if for the lifetimes ahead! That you sacrificed yourself to let other daughters have their fathers, You did it because you wanted them all to have a future, a bright one! You did it for it was your duty, you did it for it was your passion….I remember faint but you smiled, when you went away knowing that the country was safe…. Cause, I still remember….Papa and I am taking care of Mamaa and bhai for you and I will take care of the motherland too!.



Lavanya Nainwal

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  • Satish Singh

    2018at6:48 pm Reply

    Salute n hats off to great martyr who laid their life for country

  • Roshan Kumar

    2018at4:07 pm Reply

    You legends are source of power for millions of Indians. Even death can’t beat your courage and patriotism, it’ll spread in veins of India for centuries.

  • Seema Joshi

    2018at4:48 pm Reply

    Jai Hind

  • J Williams

    2018at4:50 pm Reply

    I salute you for your sacrifice. May God give strength to your family members to bear the irreparable loss. Jai Hind

  • Satish Singh

    2020at12:11 am Reply

    देश के लिए अपना जीवन लगाने वाले महान शहीद को सलाम.

  • Avishek Das Chowdhury

    2021at10:19 am Reply

    This is a great pleasure to me to have a chance to pay tribute for him. His service and sacrifices helps the entire nation to live peacefully. His sacrifices takes him to sleep in the lap of Mother India in heaven.
    We can feel the pain of his family! Now he is protecting us from heaven.
    My entire life in awe to him.
    Jai Hind!

  • Santosh Shivaji Shendkar

    2021at9:29 am Reply

    I salute to Naik Deepak Nainwal who was a fearless and committed soldier who laid down his life in the service of the nation. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude because for our safety, soldier like Naik Deepak Nainwal do not care about their life and family. I wish to all family members to have strength to bear the irreparable loss and face all challenges in your life.


    2021at11:08 am Reply

    Brave men don’t just happen, it takes a special commitment to be brave always and everytime. Jai Hind.


    2021at8:53 am Reply

    I salute Deepak Nainwal for supreme sacrifice !!

    He service to nation will never be forgotten. India is safer today, due to his efforts.

    We will revenge every killing.

    Thanks you. JaiHind.

    • Vishakha

      2022at11:29 am

      Can I get his home’s details ? Want to meet his or her family Pls help me . Pls do contact on The person who will help
      Me to
      Reach there will get a small amount as a gift. Thanks

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