Place of birth : Dehradun(U'Khand)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naik

Unit : 14 Rajput

Arm/Regt : The Rajput Regiment

Operation : Op Orchid

Martyrdom : June 19, 2012

Naik Amit Sharma

Naik Amit Sharma hailed from Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Like many young people in Uttarakhand-the land of warriors, Naik Amit Sharma too wished to don the Army uniform right from his childhood days. Following his dream, he eventually joined the Army after completing his school education. He was recruited into 14 Rajput battalion of the Rajput Regiment, an infantry Regiment well known for its fearless soldiers.


After serving for a few years in the year 2006, he got married to Ms Priya Semwal, who was studying in DAV PG College in Dehradun at that time. The the couple was blessed with a daughter Khwahish on 16 July 2007.  By 2012, Naik Amit Sharma had served in many operational areas and developed into a tough and dedicated soldier. Naik Amit Sharma was very cheerful, caring and a family man. He was very progressive minded too and always encouraged his wife to continue her studies. 


Operation Orchid : 19 June 2012


During 2012, Naik Amit Sharma’s unit 14 Rajput was deployed in Arunachal Pradesh in the North-Eastern region under the command of Col Arun Aggarwal. The unit’s AOR ( Area Of Responsibility) fell in the region that was affected by Insurgency. The unit had to maintain a high state of alert at all times and the troops were engaged in operations against the militants on a frequent basis. Naik Amit Sharma was part of such operations on a number of occasions. In June 2012, Naik Amit Sharma had returned from his leave and joined the unit. On 17 June 2012, he had reached the transit camp on the way to the operational area. 


On 19 June 2012, Naik Amit Sharma and his comrades set off from the transit camp to the operational area. The terrain of the route was very dangerous owing to unconstructed patches of road, hazardous tracks coupled with hostile weather conditions. While negotiating a turn at a steep mountain, the vehicle carrying Naik Amit Sharma and 15 other soldiers lost balance and plunged into a deep gorge. The impact of the fall was severe and all the soldiers sustained injuries. However Naik Amit Sharma sustained head injuries and bore the brunt of the steep fall. Naik Amit Sharma soon succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Naik Amit Sharma was a valiant and committed soldier, who laid down his life in the service of the nation. 


Naik Amit Sharma is survived by his wife Major Priya Semwal and daughter Khwahish.

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  • Priscilla Shamin

    2022at9:35 pm Reply

    Great work Sir. Your work will be remembered forever.

  • Subhendu Bagchi

    2022at8:40 am Reply

    If it weren’t for service people like you, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have in our country. What you do for the people of our country is a great sacrifice.

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