Place of birth : Jhajjar, Haryana

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naib Subedar

Unit : 16 Grenadiers

Arm/Regt : The Grenadiers

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Martyrdom : January 1, 2021

Naib Subedar Ravinder Jakhar

Naib Subedar Ravinder Jakhar from Salhawas village in Jhajjar district of Haryana. Son of an army veteran Meer Singh Jakhar and Smt Sheela Devi, Nb Sub Ravinder always wanted to serve in the Army like his father, who served with the Army Supply Corps of Indian Army. His grandfather Sheo Chand Jakhar too served in the Army making Nb Sub Ravinder a third generation soldier. His elder brother Subedar Jitendra Jakhar, is also serving with the Grenadiers Regiment of Indian Army.  He eventually joined the Army after completing his school education in the year 1998 at the age of 19 years. He was recruited into 16 Grenadiers of the Grenadiers Regiment, an infantry Regiment known for its brave soldiers with a rich history of various battle honours.


After serving for few years, he got married to Ms Rajwanti Devi and the couple had two sons Nitin and Kartik. In the year 1999, he also participated in Kargil War as part of "Op Vijay". By the year 2021, he had put in over 23 years of service and had been promoted to the rank of Naib Subedar. By that time he had served in various challenging operational areas and developed into a tough soldier and dependable Junior Commissioned Officer.  


Cross-Border Firing (Nowshera Sector): 01 Jan 2021


During Jan 2021, Nb Sub Ravinder Jakhar‘s unit 16 Grenadiers was deployed in Rajouri district of J&K. The unit troops were manning the forward posts in the Nowshera sector along the LOC.  The LOC remained highly active and volatile with ceasefire violations occurring very often and without any warning. Besides manning the forward posts, the unit also launched regular armed patrols to check any infiltration from across the border. Like the previous years, the year 2021 started with ceasefire violations. Pakistan continued to violate the 2003 ceasefire agreement with India despite repeated calls for restraint and adherence to the pact during flag meetings between the two sides.  


In yet another case of ceasefire violation, Pakistani troops opened unprovoked fire in Nowshera sector along the LOC on on 01 Jan 2021. Around 3.30 p.m., Pakistan initiated unprovoked ceasefire violation by firing with small arms and shelling mortars along the LOC in Nowshera.  Around 5.30 p.m., Pakistan again initiated unprovoked ceasefire violation. Indian troops responded strongly to the enemy fire, triggering heavy exchange of fire. However, Nb Sub Ravinder who was supervising response of forward posts, got critically injured during the exchange of fire. He later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Nb Sub Ravinder Jakhar was a valiant soldier and committed JCO, who laid down his life in the line of his duty.


Nb Sub Ravinder Jakhar is survived by his his wife Smt Rajwanti Devi, sons Nitin and Kartik and brother Subedar Jitendra Jakhar.

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  • Durgaprasad Tantri

    2021at4:18 pm Reply

    Jai Hind. Jai Javan. Because of you people, we are living in peace atmosphere. We salute for your sacrifice. God bless all goodness for your family.

  • Vijayalakshmi S

    2021at5:14 pm Reply

    Naib Subedar Ravinder Jakhar is a role model for the young generation. To serve the nation for generations is such a great thing which is much appreciated and the nation is forever grateful to his services and family members. The sacrifices and struggles the family faced during the long years is not imaginable to anyone. I want the family members to know that we are sorry for your loss and the nation is forever in debt for your sacrifices. The service that he provided on a daily basis in the borders so that the country can be safe is the most selfless act a person can do. The members of his family are always in the thoughts and prayers of the nation.

  • Anand Somashekar Hiremath

    2021at2:19 pm Reply

    We are forever indebted by your ultimate sacrifice. Words are not enough to describe your loss to the country and your family. A BIG Salute to your wife and children and brother. JAI HIND


    2021at10:09 am Reply

    जय हिंद, जय हिंद की सेना।

  • Bhanwar ali ex army subdar

    2021at1:44 pm Reply

    Proud of you ravinder sahab

  • Ajay

    2021at6:02 pm Reply

    Sir please post village name of soldiers also if possible

  • Ajay

    2021at6:06 pm Reply

    Naman hai veer .aapke karan hi hum surakshit hai.

  • Anand Rajaraman

    2021at10:14 pm Reply

    Dear veteran, thank you for protecting our country. We are very glad. We thank you for fighting for us and whole army will miss you.

    Thank you for your dedication. For your service. For your sacrifice. Your hard work and long hours and time away from family is difficult. But you are appreciated. Our country needs more soldiers like you!”


    2021at7:13 am Reply

    Dear Family Members of Naib Subedar Ravinder Jakhar,

    It is truly disheartening to note that It is truly disheartening to note that It is truly disheartening to note that Naib Subedar Ravinder Jakhar’s life had come to an end this early. But reading his commitment to our nation is truly spell bounding and I am sure the citizen’s of our nation are behind you all to provide support. It is truly inspiring that his family has provided 3 generations to our army and my best wishes for his brother to continue the selfless service to our nation.

    May God bless you all and once again thanks to your family for providing a warrior to our nation.



  • Ayush Fomra

    2021at5:27 pm Reply

    It is Indians like you who protect our country. You are the true guardians. We are oblivious to the hardships you face, from the biting cold to soul-crushing heat. Days and months away from your loved ones and family, you know the true meaning of sacrifice. We honor and bow to this sacrifice.
    Thank you sir for your selfless service to the country.

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