Service No : IC-51787M

Date of Birth : 16 Jan 1970

Date of Birth : Himachal Pradesh

Service: Army

Last Rank: Major

Unit: 21 Para (SF)

Arm/Regt: The Parachute Regiment

Operation: Op Parakram

Award : SM

Date of Martyrdom : 29 Aug 2002

Major Vivek Singh Bhandral SM

Major Vivek Singh Bhandral hailed from Himachal Pradesh and was born on 16th  January 1970. He joined the army and was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment, the elite regiment of Indian army well known for its dare devil operations. Later he joined 21 Para (SF) battalion, one of the 9 Para (SF) battalions comprising the highly trained commandos.


Kupwara Operation: 29 Aug 2002


During 2002, Major Vivek Singh Bhandral’s unit was deployed in J&K for counter-insurgency operations. On 29 August 2002, a search operation led by Maj Vivek Singh Bhandral was launched. Major Vivek  was tasked for the operation, based on the information received from the intelligence sources about the presence of terrorists in a village in Kupwara district. The team as planned reached the suspected area and launched a search and cordon operation. As the operation was under way at around 1200 hours, two terrorists charged out from a house firing indiscriminately at the troops in an attempt to break the cordon and flee. In a swift response, Major Vivek swung into action and shot dead one terrorist.


In the meantime, the second terrorist jumped into a grove and started firing back at Major Vivek. Displaying commendable courage and field-craft skills Major Vivek took on the second terrorist too and lobbed a grenade. However while closing in, a machine gun burst injured Major Vivek severely. But despite his injury and incessant bleeding, Major Vivek in a show of rare grit and determination leaped forward and eliminated the second terrorist. However Major Vivek later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Major Vivek was a gallant soldier and a committed officer who led from the front like a good military leader. He was given the gallantry award ” Sena Medal ” for his outstanding courage, leadership, camaraderie and supreme sacrifice.


Major Vivek Singh Bhandral is survived by his wife Smt Shalini Bhandral.

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  • Tejas Singh

    2018at3:45 am Reply

    Thank you for your service sir. No martyr is ever forgotten . Your spirit of bravery will always be respected by us.

    You sacrificed your life, it is our duty to dedicate ours too, to the cause of this nation !

  • Pavitar Singh Bandral

    2018at10:11 am Reply

    We r proud of u Sir

    • Arnav

      2021at1:13 am

      Sorry for asking this weird question but can you please tell me what is the caste of Bhandral people

  • Bijay Ranjan Sahu

    2020at3:04 pm Reply

    Salute to the Braveheart warrior,
    Jai Hind Maj Vivek Bhandral Sahab.

  • Prikshat Singh

    2020at5:33 pm Reply

    Salute to braveheart and his brave family.
    Jai Hind……..


    2020at1:22 pm Reply

    I will remember and never forget.

  • Rahul Sharma

    2021at9:23 pm Reply

    Bhut kam log hote hai jinki zindagi mai ye maqaam aata hai…….Jai Hind

  • Neeraj Sharma

    2021at4:52 pm Reply

    ☀️ Jai Hind,,Those who have sacrificed their lives in honest service of Country #MajorVivekSinghBhandral #MajorMohitSharma and other Indian Soldiers May their soul Rest in Peace

    • Tulika Goleria

      2021at3:35 pm

      I know wherever you are now you are happy and at peace .we can never forget you ….and your sacrifice for the motherland

  • Shivam

    2022at10:58 am Reply

    Proud to share this motherland with valiant officers like Major Vivek. You lived like a lion, and were martyred like one. Just hearing stories about this legend of a human being gives a commoner like me goosebumps.

  • Moulik mishra

    2022at1:06 am Reply

    Thank you sir for your service

  • Avdesh Sharma

    2022at10:10 am Reply

    Jai Hind Sir, your are Real Legend. You inspiration for our youth .

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