Service No: IC-11004

Date of Birth: 09 Jul 1939

Place of Birth: Ambala (Haryana)

Service: Army

Last Rank : Major

Unit: 9 Engr Regt

Arm/Regt : MEG/The Corps of Engrs

Operation: Op Cactus Lilly

Award: Maha Vir Chakra

Date of Martyrdom : 17 Dec 1971

Major Vijay Rattan Chowdhary MVC

Maj Vijay Rattan Chowdhary hailed from Ambala district of Haryana and was born on 9th July 1939. Son of Dr. MD Chowdhary, Maj Vijay Rattan Chowdhary joined the army at the age of 19 years on 14th December 1958. He was commissioned into 9 Engr Regt of Madras Engineering Group in the Corps of Engineers, an important combat support arm of the Indian Army.


Indo-Pak war: Dec 1971


During December 1971, Maj V R Chowdhary’s unit, 9 Engr Regt was deployed in the western sector under the command of Lt Col B T Pandit. On 3/4th Dec 1971, the Indian army crossed the international border spearheaded by 47 Brigade. Two more Brigades, 74 and 91 followed suit making the attack front formidably large. Maj V R Chowdhary was commanding 405 Field coy and was tasked to clear the minefields around Thakurdwara. This was the first time trawls were used to breach enemy minefield. Maj V R Chowdhary and his field Coy successfully cleared the minefields, paving the way for the tanks of 16(I) Armoured Brigade.


The battle across the Basantar river was so intense that the sappers had to open up multiple passages through minefield over a kilometer wide.  At one stage, a composite team of 404 and 405 (commanded by Maj V R Chowdhary)  was formed to undertake the highly challenging task at hand. Maj V R Chowdhary and his comrades successfully completed the assigned task in the nick of time and the Indian tanks dashed across through the path to meet the  Patton tanks of Pakistan army. Throughout this offensive from 3rd Dec to 17 Dec, Maj V R Chowdhary personally supervised the operations, thus inspiring his men with utter disregard for his personal safety. Maj V R Chowdhary’s field coy was invariably stretched to its limits, but he rushed from site to site unmindful of dangers at every turn. However, on 17th Dec 1971, just a few hours before the cease-fire that came into effect at 2000 hrs, Maj V R Chowdhary got hit by enemy shelling and was seriously injured. He later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Maj V R Chowdhary was a committed soldier and an outstanding officer who led from the front like a true military leader. He is now considered an icon of the Madras Sappers and 9 Engr Regt.


Maj V R Chowdhary was awarded the nation’s second highest gallantry award, “Maha Vir Chakra” for his extraordinary courage, unyielding fighting spirit, and supreme sacrifice.

The citation for Maha Vir Chakra awarded to him reads:-

Major V R Chowdhary was in charge of minefield clearance of Chakra on the Western Front. The safe lanes had to be made with great speed to enable our tanks and anti-tank weapons to reach Chakra, which was in imminent danger of a counterattack by enemy armour. With utter disregard for his personal safety, Major Chowdhary personally supervised the operation, inspiring and motivating his men to their optimum efficiency. Throughout the advance, from 5 December onwards, Major Chowdhary displayed exemplary devotion to duty and was responsible for clearance of minefields of 1,000-1,500 yards depth at Thakurdwara, Lohra and Basantar River. While supervising the minefield lane near Basantar River this gallant officer was killed due to enemy artillery fire. Major V R Chowdhary’s exceptional devotion to duty, extraordinary bravery, inspiring leadership and supreme sacrifice was in the highest traditions of the Army.

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  • Valsan Kunnath

    2017at2:08 pm Reply

    Big Salute to the Brave Son of Bharath Major Vijay Rattan Chowdhary , Maha Vir Chakra
    “Duty beyond Death” “Soldiers go beyond call of Duty”
    Some goals are so worthy, It’s Glorious even to fail.
    You always be Saluted for your Patriotism, Conspicuous Courage and Supreme Sacrifice to the Mother land.
    Jai Hind..Vande matharam.

  • Philomina sam

    2017at1:43 pm Reply

    Your sacrifice will always be remembered and you will remain a hero for countless Indians. I salute you. Jai Hind

  • Shashi

    2017at10:17 pm Reply

    Salute sir …
    Your sacrifice always be remembered sir…
    JAI hind…

  • Anil Thakur

    2017at10:51 pm Reply

    Salute you brave soilders of Indian army…

  • Shashi

    2017at10:27 am Reply

    Salute sir…
    Your suprem sacrifice will always be remembered sir…
    JAI hind…

  • shashi

    2017at10:30 am Reply

    Salute sir…
    Your suprem sacrifice will be always be remembered sir..
    JAI HIND….

  • naveen

    2020at3:02 pm Reply

    salute to our brave heros

  • N sub M Chitrarasu 405 fd coy 9 ER

    2021at7:59 pm Reply

    Salute to our company commander

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