Service No: IC-45879

Date of Birth : Feb 27, 1961

Service: Army

Last Rank: Major

Unit: 30 RR

Arm/Regt: The Regiment of Artillery

Operation : Op Rakshak

Date of Martyrdom : July 1, 2001

Major Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori

Major Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori hailed from Karnataka and was born on 27 Feb 1961. He was commissioned into 172 field regiment of the Regiment of Artillery, an important combat support arm of the Indian Army.  After serving for sometime with his parent Regiment, Maj Ghori was deputed to serve with 30 Rashtriya Rifles battalion deployed in J&K for counter insurgency operations. Before being posted to J & K area on deputation to 30 RR, he had served in Tripura in the north-east and also in Punjab.


Counter-Insurgency Operation: 01 July 2001


During 2001, Maj Ghori was serving with 30 RR battalion deployed in Baramulla district of J&K. On a Sunday on 1st July 2001, Maj Ghori’s unit was tasked to engage militants in Boban Watsar forest in Baramulla district on receiving specific intelligence inputs about their presence in that area. As per the operation plan, Maj Ghori along with his troops launched a search and cordon operation against the militants in Boban Watsar forest. Soon the troops made contact with the militants and a gun-battle ensued thereafter. Maj Ghori fought valiantly against the militants but received gun shots during the heavy exchange of fire.


However at that time, he noticed that one of his soldiers had got critically wounded and needed to be moved to safety. Despite himself being severely injured, Maj Ghori without caring for his safety decided to move his wounded soldier to the nearby Jeep to save him from the ongoing exchange of fire. While doing so, Maj Ghori succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. During the operation he showed commendable bravery, compassion for his fellow soldiers, raw courage and made the supreme sacrifice in the best traditions of the Indian Army. Maj SMK Ghori was a valiant soldier and an officer par excellence, who was awarded Chief of Army staff medal on 15th of January 2001.


Maj Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori is survived by his wife Smt Salma Ghori, daughter and a son. Smt Salma Ghori is now an executive member of Vasanthratna Foundation which heals martyrs’ families through arts and vocational activities. She is also the project coordinator of ‘Gift A Birthday’ programme wherein gifts are sent to the wives and children of martyrs.

  • Major Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori was awarded Chief of Army Staff medal for his meritorious service.
  • Major Ghori was  also given a title of  “Veerputra” by International School of Business Research.

On occasions of going back to his field unit after leave he would always say “Live life always as though I am with you and the kids. Never deprive them of anything just because I am not there. I’ll be back soon,” That’s how life continues now, as though he is still a part of us,” says his wife, Mrs Salma.

Mrs Salma Ghori, Wife of Major SMK Ghori, paid tribute to her husband on his “Day of Martyrdom” on 01 Jul 2018…..


A day which became the saddest day of our lives from the year 2001. It happened to be a Sunday. A day when l lost the love of my life, a day when my children lost their beloved father. The day started with me and my kids spending time at my mom’s house and visiting relatives as it was the last day of summer vacation of my daughter Sufia and the next day Monday 2nd July 2001 was the first day of my son Saif’s L.K.G who was four years old then. I left my mother’s home in the evening to go back to my home during the whole day l was not aware of the tragedy that had stuck our happy home. My husband Maj Shafeeq Ghori attained martyrdom while fighting militants in an operation at Watsar Baban forest in Baramulla district of Srinagar at 8 am in the morning.


Local army authorities were trying to reach me from early morning 8-7 in the evening, those were the days when there were no mobile phones. When l reached home, l got involved in the cleaning the house, kept my children’s school uniform for the next day and was preparing dinner when I heard that call bell that changed our lives in a second. A group of army officers and their wives came into my home and started asking me about Shafeeq, when did you talk to him, when did you meet him last. I was then told that my husband Maj Shafeeq Ghori fought bravely to protect his nation in operation Rakshak and succumbed to a bullet fighting militants at Baban Watsar Forest in Baramulla district of Srinagar Valley.His last act was saving a fellow soldier’s life from the bullets. His end came along with his buddy Sep Bheem Singh who was inseparable also martyred on this day with him.


He was so full of life, he loved singing, he was a very good speaker, keen sports person good at cricket, football, hockey, and badminton. His friends remember him as a very friendly and loving person. They used to fondly call him , Smokey.(Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori). Seventeen years is a long time to be without a loved one. I miss daily life with him, our conversations, our travels together, the ferocious way he defended what he believed in, his love and upbringing of our children. Life continues with the belief that: Living in the heart a loved one leaves behind is not to die.


Mrs Salma Ghori

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  • Rizwan Malick

    2019at12:40 am Reply

    May the great almighty grant Maj. Shafeeq highest place in heaven and keep all his loved ones safe.

  • Abushalih Rowther

    2020at1:53 pm Reply

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon.

  • Lakshman

    2020at4:34 pm Reply

    Supreme sacrifice for the nation,not only by the Major but the entire family!
    Our Sincere Prayers to the Almighty for the wellbeing of the Major’s family!!

    • Manikanta p

      2022at12:21 am

      Salute to major ghori …JAI HIND

  • Syed Nishath Ahmed

    2020at10:14 pm Reply

    Feel proud, However he has attained the darja of Shaheed and would be granted Jannah, In Sha Allah. “Ya Allah, his family be honoured with the choicest blessings and rizk”.

  • Rahul Kaushik

    2020at2:58 pm Reply

    Valiant Officer and his Supreme Sacrifice is the result of what all the Indians are living safely inside the border.
    JAI HIND!!

  • Salma Shafeeq

    2021at3:46 pm Reply

    Thank you for your kind words.

    • Bhavdeep K Gupta

      2021at5:25 pm

      What a wonderful life if a Martyr and commendable work from his family.
      He still lives and serving the country.

  • Sundaram Ramaswamy, IG BSF retired

    2022at5:05 pm Reply

    Our Naman to the Martyr

  • Priscilla Shamin

    2022at9:43 pm Reply

    Great work Sir. Your work will be remembered forever. May your family be blessed abundantly.

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