Service No: IC-11997

Date of Birth : Dec 10, 1938

Place of Birth : Ahrod, Haryana

Service: Army

Last Rank : Major

Unit: 16 Madras

Arm/Regt: The Madras Regiment

Operation: Op Cactus Lily

Date of Martyrdom : Jan 09, 1972

Major Raghunath Prasad Sharma

Major Raghunath Prasad Sharma was born on 10 Dec 1938 in his native village Ahrod in Haryana. Eldest of the 8 siblings, he was academically very bright right from his childhood. He completed his post graduation from Birla College, Pilani in Rajasthan. He then went on to join the Army at the age of 21 years and was commissioned on 13th December 1959 into 16 Madras of the famed Madras Regiment, a Regiment known for its valiant soldiers and numerous battle exploits.


As the Indo-China war broke out in 1962, Maj RP Sharma as a young lieutenant participated in operations in Ladakh region and honed his battle skills. He participated in another war in 1965 and was deployed on the western front in Rajasthan. During the war, he went behind enemy lines and survived for days under arduous conditions before he was finally rescued. He had suffered serious injuries and was brought to the Military Hospital in Pune where he recovered after getting treated for nearly 2 months.


Maj RP Sharma got married to Ms Geeta in 1964, and the couple had three daughters and a son. In 1966, he was appointed as ADC to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Pattamthanu Pillai for 3 years. In 1971, another Indo-Pak war broke out and Maj RP Sharma once again set off along with his unit, 16 Madras to fight the war which turned out to be his last. Maj RP Sharma was a valiant soldier and an officer par excellence who always led from the front. He would often say to his wife, “Sher ban ke jiya hoon aur Sher ban ke rahunga.” He was a very fine poet too and wrote many poems for his wife and kids while deployed at the border.


Indo-Pak war – Dec 1971


During the 1971 Indo-Pak war, Maj RP Sharma’s unit was deployed in the Shakargarh sector on the western front. After his Commanding Officer, Lt Col Ved Prakash Ghai was martyred during the “Battle of Basantar”, Maj RP Sharma took over the command of his unit and continued to direct the operations. Though the war ended on 16 Dec 1971 after the surrender of Pakistani forces on the Eastern border, the border skirmishes were continuing on the western border. Shakargarh, Jaffarwal in the western sector was one such area where enemy was continuing operations to get into positions of advantage.


On 17 Dec 1971, during heavy artillery shelling by the enemy on positions held by 16 Madras, Maj RP Sharma got grievously injured in his leg, arm and neck. He was shifted to the Army Hospital, Delhi on 21st December 1971 where his left leg was amputated below the knee on 31st December 1971. However, his condition  worsened over the next few days and he was transferred to the Military Hospital in Bangalore on 8th January 1972. However, Maj RP Sharma succumbed to his injuries and was martyred on 09 Jan 1972. Maj RP Sharma was cremated with full military honours at Purana Pul, Hyderabad on 11th January 1972.


Maj Raghunath Prasad Sharma is survived by his wife Smt Geeta Sharma, daughters Dr Poonam Coshic, Smt Renu Mudgil & Dr Bharti Sharma and son Dr Manoj Sharma.

Dr. Bharti Sharma, Daughter of Major Raghunath Prasad Sharma paid tribute to her father on his “Day of Martyrdom” on 09 Jan 2021…..


War, the word that terrifies us, is an experience which has profound emotions of those who are maimed and sacrificed in the lust of war. Yet it has a selfless sense of purpose. I can have as many words in my life yet they are not enough to express even a fraction of emptiness left by his martyrdom and sacrifice in the “Battle of Basantar” during 1971 war.


I was merely an year old when this event changed our lives forever. There are no memories of him as a person yet his absence is with me forever. Unlike other victims of war, we along with our mother were lucky enough to be cared and raised by a loving family. As I imagine, “The willingness to die for another person is a form of love and is a profound and essential part of a Combat” – this seems to be the thought of every soldier including my father.


Hearing the tales of bravado and sacrifice from his veteran colleagues, I feel utmost pride and sorrow. His sacrifice has endowed upon us the pride and courage to lead and nurture our children towards a respectable life. In his death, the most grief lies with my mother who, as a young mother of four, has lived her life with his memories keeping a brave and proud face throughout. We will always be indebted to her in a way both of them have been a tale of sacrifice, love and inspiration for us.


“The Tyrant dies and his rule ends;
The Martyr dies and his rule begins”


“सर झुके बस उनकी शहादत में;
जो शहीद हुए हमारी हिफ़ाज़त में।”


Dedicated to my father and other fallen heroes.


Dr. Bharti Sharma

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  • Piyush Kumar

    2020at12:48 pm Reply

    Sir meri koi pehchan ni ki mai kuch bol sku…..magr itna kahunga aap jaise viro k karan hi hm aaj aazad h ar aapke pure parivar k salute krna chahunga…..Jai Hind Jai vir parivar

    • Dr Iqbal Singh Grewal

      2021at12:16 pm

      It is an honor to post on this page. A true martyr. It is his sacrifice and also other soldiers like him, that has protected us and our sovereignty.

  • Mimansa Mudgil

    2021at6:42 pm Reply

    Nanaji I am proud to tell you that all your kids have fought their own battles independently and fiercely just like you. They still miss you and even the slightest utterance of your name brings tears to their eyes. Every now and then they try to find qualities in themselves which make them look similar to you, trying to find ‘you’. Nani misses you a lot and sometimes feels lonely too but all of us try to keep her happy. All your grandkids have got your expressive skills. I have never seen you but I still feel a connection with you.
    I hope and wish that I contribute to our country same way you did.
    Jai Hind.

  • Nyneishia Sharma

    2021at11:00 am Reply

    Hello Dadu, I hope you are reading this and I also hope that you are living happily in heaven, anyways I’ve always missed you and I am not sure that I am even 1/4 good as you but I do hope that you are proud of what all I have achieved in debate and many more things. Yes!, even I do debate (not as good as you though…) I have always heard about you from dadi and she tells me that you were a fantastic debater and a great person.
    Also do you know that I have been told many war stories about you from dadi, but I really wish that I could hear them from you; but what can I do… When I was 3-4 I used to cry every-night that why did you leave us and dadi always used to make me stop crying but I don’t know that you knew about all of this or not but at night whenever I used to make a wish and it was only for you to come back to all of us.
    I want to go in army and fight just like you!
    I will love you now and forever!
    Nyneishia Sharma (your Second Granddaughter)

    • Simarpreet Singh

      2022at8:51 pm

      bring tear in my eyes
      you are really blessed
      God bless you buddy wish for happiness for you ❤️

  • Poonam Coshic

    2021at1:26 pm Reply

    I believe i am the luckiest and most blessed person, born to a warrior couple! Ur battle for our motherland and mummy’s battle to raise four kids starting at 24 years of age , yes that was her age when u left her papa. Aap dono ne apni apni ladai jeeti hai. I know wherever you are, you are watching over us and hope you are proud of mummy’s victory in raising good humans.
    And you have eight grandkids you will be more proud of. You eldest grandson got married in Jan 2020 and ur second one is getting married in July this year. All of us papa love our mother and our motherland.
    Keep guiding us papa.
    Miss you everytime more each day!!!

  • Abhishek Sharma

    2021at5:56 pm Reply

    We proud on you sir

  • Dr V. Seenu

    2021at8:04 pm Reply

    Feel proud to tell that I know some members of this family. Each one of them is a fighter like their father in different walks of life, succeeded most of the times and made their father proud.

    • Poonam Coshic

      2021at8:45 am

      My darling you are little angel papa send in-our lives to love!!!! Dadu loves u

  • Mandip Arora

    2021at12:31 pm Reply

    Salute for his courage and the ultimate sacrifice for the country.
    My humble gratitude.

  • Colonel Jagriti S Bhardwaj

    2021at1:17 pm Reply

    There will hardly be any one from Gurgaon (Gurugram ) of 70’s/80’s or 90’s who is not familiar with name and feats of Shahid Maj Raghunath Prasad Sharma. We all being part of that generation can aptly relate with those tales . In fact he was one of the reason which motivated me too to join the forces. I had an opportunity to interact with men of 18 Madras during 1988/89. His tales are very much part of their motivational routine for young Officers and Jawans joining the paltan. His feat was no less than that of Maj Somnath Sharma PVC but since it happened after ceasefire his valour could not get the recognition at national level which it very much deserved.
    It is said that there is always a lady behind every successful man. Here I will say there are ladies who keep the legacy of a martyr alive . Mrs Sharma is perfect example how she maintained her stoic in difficult times and brought up four children. It was her determination and courage too that created a next generation who is proud of their legacy. She inculcated all traits of their father in them. All of them are self made and successful in their respective fields.

    My salute is for bravery of Maj Sharma and grit of the family he left behind.

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