Service No : SS-45266Y

Place of birth : Mumbai, MH

Service : Army

Last Rank : Major

Arm/Regt : The Bihar Regiment

Martyrdom : December 30, 2017

Major Prasad Mahadik

Major Prasad Mahadik hailed from Virar city of Mumbai district in Maharashtra. Son of Shri Ganesh Mahadik and Smt Sharda Mahadik, Maj Mahadik graduated from Bhawans College, Andheri in  Mumbai and then joined the army after passing the Combined Defence Services Examination. He joined the Officers’ Training Academy in Chennai (SSC-93 Batch) and was commissioned on 17 March 2012,  into 7 Bihar battalion of the famed Bihar Regiment, well known for its brave soldiers and various battle honours. After a couple of years of service, as a Captain, he got married to Ms Gauri on 15 Feb 2015.


Major Prasad Mahadik after serving in various operational areas was posted to the unit in Arunachal Pradesh in October 2017. By 2017, he had put in about  5 years of service and evolved into a committed soldier and an officer par excellence. He also had gathered experience of participating in numerous counter-insurgency operations during his short service career. Besides being a tough and dedicated soldier, he was an excellent sportsman and a music lover who could play guitar with ease.


Fire Incident (Indo-China Border) : 30th Dec 2017


During 2017, Major Prasad Mahadik’s unit was deployed in Tawang valley, which was located about 35 Km from the  Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh. He was stationed at a forward post along the border at a height above 15,000 ft from mean sea level where the temperature would invariably fall as low as -15 degrees. On 30 December  2017, around 6.30 AM a fire broke out in the barrack where Major Prasad lived and soon engulfed a major part of the building.


A rescue operation was launched by the unit but it failed to contain the fire in time. Major Prasad Mahadik got trapped badly and got severe burn injuries before he could be rescued. He later succumbed to his severe burn injuries and a committed soldier was lost in the horrific accident. Major Prasad Mahadik was a fine officer and a true soldier who laid down his life in the service of the nation.


Major Prasad Mahadik is survived by his wife Smt Gauri Mahadik, father Shri Ganesh Mahadik and mother Smt Sharda Mahadik. Later carrying forward the legacy of her husband, Smt Gauri Mahadik joined the Indian Army and was commissioned as an officer in the Army on 07 March 2020, after she completed her training at the OTA in Chennai.

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  • Soham sudhir nikam

    2022at12:22 pm Reply

    Salute to this brave major prasad mahadik

  • Dr. Nibedita Das

    2022at12:22 pm Reply

    May his soul Redt in Peace

  • Nishant sharma

    2022at12:23 pm Reply


  • SR Deshpande

    2022at12:24 pm Reply

    Dear Ma’am,
    First and foremost, I salute your dear husband for his supreme sacrifice, you may not realise how proud I feel about you for your decision to join the army. I congratulate you on your decision, read about your selection in WhatsApp group of company secretaries. I know the pain of losing one’s dear one in war as my own brother 2nd LT L K Nadgir was killed in Indo Pak war of 1965.

  • Manish Ratnaparkhi

    2022at12:24 pm Reply

    The value of your call for duty cannot be measured. It’s pride to come home in the tri-colour flag which signs the sacrifice by you and tribute and respect we pay you.

  • Jagannath Patra

    2022at12:25 pm Reply

    A grand salute to Major. Jai Hind.

  • Bikash lama

    2022at12:25 pm Reply

    What a fighter, a true soldier, salute to you brother.

  • Sheeja

    2022at12:26 pm Reply

    In reply to Shivarajan EK (father of Martyr Lt Col NIRANJAN).
    A big salute

  • Shivarajan EK (father of Martyr Lt Col NIRANJAN)

    2022at12:26 pm Reply

    The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. Salute to the brave heart. Jai Hind.

  • Jagdish Soni

    2022at12:27 pm Reply

    Very heart touching feelings of Martyr wife Sister Gauri Mahadik.She is Veer Nari and I lam happy that she is learning Gitar that like by Sir. My heart touching love and feeling to sister Gauri .Salute to Sir our real Hero,God and safe Guards. it is difficult to be Martyr family. Jagdish Soni brother of Shahid Captain Nilesh Soni sacrifice his life at Siachen

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