Service No : IC-63820

Date of Birth : 29 Dec 1983

Place of Birth: Haryana

Service: Army

Rank: Major

Unit: 75 Armd Regt

Arm/Regt: The Armoured Corps

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Date of Martyrdom : Sep 22, 2015

Major Dhruv Yadav

Major Dhruv Yadav was born on 29th December  1983 in an Air Force family in Haryana. Son of an Air Force veteran Wing Commander Rajvir Yadav, VSM, and Mrs. Shalini Yadav, he did his schooling from the well known Rashtriya Indian Military college in Doon Valley, Dehradun. He then joined the prestigious National Defence Academy and subsequently IMA Dehradun. He was commissioned into 75 Armoured Regiment of the Armoured Corps the elite combat arm of the Indian Army.


After passing out and serving for some time with his parent unit he did a stint as an instructor at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. Maj Dhruv Yadav later got married to Ms Surbhi Singh in the year 2013. During Sep 2015,  Maj Dhruv’s unit got deployed in Pokhran in Rajasthan  for a high level combat training exercise. While engaged in the exercise including various combat elements Maj Dhruv got struck by a splinter from a misfired round from a tank. Maj Dhruv was leading a tank column that time when the misfired round from a rear tank hit him. Maj Dhruv got injured grievously and was taken to the nearby military hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.


Maj Dhruv Yadav was a committed soldier and an officer par excellence who commanded respect of his peers as well as men under him. Maj Dhruv was a valiant  soldier who laid down his life in the line of his duty.  Maj Dhruv Yadav is survived by his parents, wife, son, and a sister.

Tribute by his mother Smt ShaliniYadav:

“My dearest dearest Dhruvee,

That you laid down your life during a combat exercise, that the sun set on the Pokhran ranges while our son breathed his last, that you bashed on regardless to be taken away by a cruel act of God, has left a big hole in our hearts.

If…… If only you had gone to the Congo on the U.N Peace Keeping Mission….., if only you had ducked….., if only that shrapnel had grazed your shoulder. You would have been home by our side.

I cannot comprehend why God indulges in acts that make no sense at all. Why did he have to pick on our son who lived every moment like a hero.

I took your life for granted Dhruv. You were meant to be by our side, through the years. Hold our hands while we grew old. You deserted us that day as the desert blew up. It seemed as if every flower that bloomed on the desert was woven into those beautiful wreaths placed by the officers and men while you were draped in the tricolor.

I remember how hard you tried to emulate your father at Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC). How your father’s chest grew two inches more when you were made the Pratap Section Commander. A silver torch at National Defence Academy (NDA) that eclipsed your father’s boxing blue. And then the Indian Military Academy (IMA). And then the IMA again as an ‘Instructor’. How you wore the Regiment colors with pride and 75 Armd Regiment became your very heart and soul.

And how we loved to see you wear your olive greens. I wanted to show my ‘fauji’ off to the world.

Surbhi and you were so happy. And so in love. I would give my life to have seen you’ll bring up your little one together.

Namrata says she loves you and will miss your goofy smile. Most of all she’s going to think of you whenever she has it all wrong.

That i felt so proud when you were given the salutations of a ‘shaheed’.That you were referred to as ‘Brave son of India’ who laid down his life with his boots on, firm on top of his tank – ‘Sahasam Viajayate’.

I wish we had told you how infinitely proud we were of you, my son. I wish we had told you that you would have made a super father. I wish we had told you that you were the best son in the world. I wish…..

You were the Kohinoor in my crown.

Goodbye Dhruvee and God bless you and may you always make those around you happy.

Goodbye my Dhruvtara.


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  • Kapse anika

    2018at5:45 pm Reply

    Big salute to Indian heros.

    • shaikh juned

      2018at11:16 pm

      Hey i am from nagar also


      2020at8:11 pm

      Maj Dhruv yadav was a real heroes our holl family Salute his bravery

  • Ajit pandey

    2018at1:13 pm Reply

    No word can difine his bravness and contribution for our country, hurtaly salute major sir

  • Shilpi Upadhyay

    2019at7:33 pm Reply

    Grand Salute to great son of India. Jai Hind our immortal hero!!!

    • Jagdish Soni

      2019at8:48 pm

      Saluite to our real God hero and safe gurards..
      No one can repay sacrifation made by them..Vandan to family from of Shahid Captain Nilesh Soni sacrifice his life at Siachen Glaciers

  • Jagdish Soni

    2019at8:49 pm Reply

    Saluite to our real God hero and safe gurards..
    No one can repay sacrifation made by them..Vandan to family from of Shahid Captain Nilesh Soni sacrifice his life at Siachen Glaciers


      2019at2:24 pm

      Salute to you sir
      May your sole rest in peace
      JAI HIND

  • Mohit

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    Salute You Sir You are the True Hero RIP 🙁

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    Aap amar rahe .jai hind

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    Big Salute To You and Your family Sir,

    Jai Hind Sir..

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    MY salute to this great hero

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    2019at1:03 am Reply

    A real Hero.. true Soldier.. May your soul rest in piece.. Salute you.. Jai Hind

    • Durgesh Kumar

      2021at2:40 pm

      My heartfelt salute to you sir ❤️

  • Sudhir

    2020at1:02 am Reply

    Salute to the hero of our nation

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