Service No: IC-4784

Service: Army

Last Rank : Major

Unit : 2 Rajput

Arm/Regt: The Rajput Regiment

Date of Martyrdom :Oct 21, 1962

Major BK Pant

Major B K Pant since his childhood wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and serve in the armed forces. Son of an army veteran Subedar Bhagirath Pant, he followed his dream and eventually got selected to join the Army. He was commissioned into 2 Rajput of the famed Rajput Regiment, a regiment known for its valiant soldiers and numerous battle honours.


After being commissioned into an infantry regiment, he soon gathered expertise in the field craft skills and evolved into a committed soldier. By the year 1962, he had served in various operational areas and had been promoted to the rank of Major. Maj BK Pant developed into a fine officer, who commanded great respect of his juniors and peers as well.


Indo-China war – October 1962


With the rising tensions with China on the North Eastern border Maj B K Pant’s unit under the command of Lt Col Maha Singh Rikh was moved to the banks of the Namka chu river by October 10 1962, as a part of 7 Infantry Brigade. The brigade was stretched on a twelve-mile front along the Namka Chu, with the marching time from one end to the other being five days. The battalion was deployed in a trackless wilderness, where no mules could go and no civilian population lived which could help logistically. The shortage of winter clothing added to the hardships of the troops but they rose to the occasion and showed exemplary courage in the days to follow. By the time the fighting commenced, the Chinese had occupied all the dominating heights in the area. The Chinese troops launched a massive assault on the 2 Rajput front and in the fierce fighting that ensued, the battalion repulsed a number of determined attacks. Maj Pant who was commanding one of the companies faced one of the fiercest attacks.


On 21 Oct 1962, Maj Pant’s company held fast against three waves of Chinese assaults and suffered heavy casualties. Maj Pant himself was wounded in the stomach and legs, but in a rare show of courage and leadership he continued to inspire his men, exhorting them to fight till the last man. The Chinese sensing that their obstacle in advancing lay with Maj Pant, brought a volley of machine gun fire on his position. Maj Pant was seriously injured and collapsed proudly shouting the Rajput Regiment’s battle-cry: “Bajrang Bali ki Jai.” His last words to his troops were truly inspiring wherein he said,  “Men of the Rajput Regiment, you were born to die for your country. God has selected this small river for which you must die. Stand up and fight like true Rajputs”. In Maj Pant’s company out of 112 men, 82 got killed or wounded in action. Maj Pant displayed extraordinary grit and gallantry and made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation like a true soldier.


Maj BK Pant’s son Mukul Raj Pant also joined the Army and continued the legacy of serving in the armed forces. When Maj BK Pant’s grand son, Sub Lt Vivek Pant joined the Indian Navy in the year 2014, he became the fourth generation military officer of the family. Maj BK Pant was a gallant soldier and an officer par excellence, who led from the front and laid down his life following the highest traditions of Indian Army. Inspired by Maj BK Pant, his family continues to serve the nation in uniform and carry forward his legacy with immense pride.

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  • Dr M N Manjunath

    2018at7:44 pm Reply

    As long as Bharath exists every person should pay tributes and remember the valour and glorious sacrifice of late Major B K Panth in a true tradition of great Rajput Regiment of Indian Army. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Sanjay Mandyal

    2018at7:44 am Reply

    Major B.K.Pant sir , my tribute to you ever since I heard from my father about your Regiment 2nd Rajpoot its heroic stand against two full chinese divisions of PLA at River Naam ka chhu and its sacrifice and your supreme sacrifice ,your last battle cry and addressal to your men ” BRAVE RAJPUTS YOU ARE BORN TO DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY “with this single sentence you summarized the entire Gist of WORD RAJPOOT = BORN TO DIE FOR THE COUNTRY .you were bravest of the brave .when victory is certain even cowards fight ,when death is certain only bravest of the brave fight .you deserved a recognition of your bravery by this country. Your name shall remain top most .your words BORN TO DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY are essence of spirit of all Bharat born again to my country sir .so long as there are men BORN TO DIE FOR COUNTRY spirit and soul of Bharat shall remain invincible.

    • Captain TS Suyal

      2021at4:41 pm

      I have read the book “Himalayan Blunder”, in which Brig Dalvi has described the leadership a d courage displayed by Man BK Pant in the war, cul.inating u. Hus supreme sacrifice. I have also.met his younger brother Mr. RC Pant and was told about the military tradition of their great family. I salute Maj BK Pant sir for his supreme sacrifice.

  • Sanjay Mandyal

    2020at11:55 pm Reply

    After My hero my father a veteren of 1962 ,1965 ,1971 war told me about Battle of Walong, major Pant and captain vikram Rathore they remain My childhood heroes whose name will remember to. Last breath of my life. Especially words of major Pant, ye men of Rajput you are born to die for country are inspiring. Sum up what is rajput in one simple sentence. My humble tributes to major pant captain vikram rathore and all ranks of 2nd Rajpoot and alll martyrs on 1962 war .

  • Indoaryan

    2020at11:53 pm Reply

    I bow my head to the Brave Rajputs who chose to sacrifice their lives for their country rather than retreat in the face of overwhelming odds. My countrymen your sacrifices will never be forgotten ever.

  • Sharad Shukla

    2021at11:02 am Reply

    Great souls of our Nation…do not wish to create any controversy..but if we really wish to keep their martyrdom alive then we should name universities, roads, bridges, hospitals , stadiums and any public institutions after their name.
    Write their history on the walls and stones of those institutions/ construction s, then only coming generations will come to know that who were the real personalities behind their this current freedom.

  • Kamal khulbe

    2021at7:45 pm Reply

    The Brave Maj B K Pant happened to be my maternal uncle, salute to him for his sacrifice , my mother remembers him a lot

    • Para SF operator

      2022at9:44 pm

      Sir was he your mothers brother? If you don’t mind me asking.

  • Dr. Vinod K Harbola

    2021at3:37 pm Reply

    My Tribute to Maj BK Pant.
    Your supreme sacrifice to nation will always be remembered and respected. Many of his family members still serving in armed forces, carring the legacy.

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