Service No: IC-13792

Date of Birth : 19 Sep 1940

Birth Place : Delhi

Service: Army

Last Rank: Major

Unit : 3 Dogra

Arm/Regt : The Dogra Regiment

Operation : Op Cactus Lily

Award : MVC

Date of Martyrdom : 4 Dec 1971

Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut MVC

Maj Anup Singh Gehlaut hailed from Nangloi village of Delhi and was born on 19th of September 1940.  Son of an army veteran Lt Col Dalel Singh and Smt Khajani Devi, Maj Anup followed into the footsteps of his father and joined the army at the age of 22 years in December 1962, He was commissioned into 3 Dogra of the Dogra Regiment, an infantry regiment with a glorious history of valour and battle honours.


Indo-Pak war: Dec 1971


During the1971 war, Maj Anup’s Bn 3 Dogra  was deployed in Laksham in the east and was tasked to move into enemy-held territory on the night of 3rd December and put up road-blocks all along the Chauddagram-Laksham road.  The Pakistanis realized that they had been surrounded by the indian army troops and there was no route to escape for them unless they overran one of the Dogra companies. A few tried to escape in groups of five or six but two enemy companies took  positions about 500 meters in front of 3 Dogra companies led by Maj Anup Singh and Maj Ashok Bhan.


By the light of dawn on the very next day, the two companies of the Dogra regiment surged ahead and had trapped two enemy platoons under Maj Gahlaut’s command. However, the Pakistanis refused to surrender and engaged with the Indian troops in an arduous battle. They first turned their attention to Maj Ashok Bhan’s ‘D’ Company who held them back with effective fire. Maj. Anup Singh Gahlaut rushed forward with a platoon to reinforce ‘D’ company. On his way, he had to open fire on the enemy. Seeing that Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut had only one platoon with him and it was deployed in the open, the enemy brought their entire fire to bear upon him and his platoon.


Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut had commanded “A” company in the 1965 conflict also. He decided that his only hope of forcing a withdrawal on the enemy was to charge them with a handful of his men. Firing his sten gun from the hip, he shot four of his opponents. In the exchange of fire, he was seriously wounded. Though bleeding profusely, he fought tirelessly and encouraged his men to put up a determined fight too. As a result of this, he finally broke the ring around him and the Pakistanis were finally beaten back. However, within minutes of this battle, young Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut succumbed to his injuries and was martyred.


Maj Anup Singh Gahlaut  was a valiant soldier and a gritty officer who led his men from the front like a fine military leader. He was given the nation’s second highest gallantry award, “Maha Vir Chakra”for his exceptional courage, bravery, leadership and supreme sacrifice.

The Citation for Maha Vir Chakra awarded to him reads :


Major A.S. Gahlaut was given the task of establishing a roadblock deep within enemy-held territory in the Laksam Sector on the Eastern Front. He infiltrated his company through enemy lines, established a roadblock and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. Subsequently, a company of his battalion came under heavy enemy pressure and Major Gahlaut volunteered to go to the assistance of the company. In this mission, he led a platoon and successfully pinned down the enemy company by bringing effective small arms fire on them. His position was, however, attacked by the enemy from a different direction. Undeterred by the overwhelming superiority of the enemy, he rallied his men and succeeded in breaking the enemy attack. Having been mortally wounded in hand-to-hand fighting, he died shortly after his heroic battle.


Throughout, Major Gahlaut displayed conspicuous bravery and exemplary leadership.

  • A statue of Major Anup Singh Gahlaut MVC is erected in Shaheed Major Anup Singh Gehlot Chowk in Delhi, India.
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      I am his nephew, Maninder Gahlaut residing in Nangloi delhi.

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