Service No : IC- 61417

Date of Birth : February 1, 1978

Place of birth : Jharkhand

Service : Army

Last Rank : Lieutenant

Unit : 5 JAK LI

Arm/Regt : The J& K Light Infantry

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Awards : AC

Martyrdom : January 2, 2004

Lt Triveni Singh AC

Lieutenant Triveni Singh was born on 1st February 1978  at Namkum, Ranchi in Jharkhand. Son of an Army veteran Capt Janmej Singh Thakur and Smt Pushplata, Lt Triveni Singh originally hailed from Pathankot in Punjab. He completed his schooling from St Joseph Convent School Pathankot and went to Ludhiana for his graduation. Lt Triveni Singh, was proficient in martial arts and had won awards at various national level competitions during his student days. Lt Triveni, after graduating from the Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, joined the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and passed out on 08 Dec 2001 as a proud Lieutenant.


Lt Triveni Singh was commissioned into 5 JAK LI battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry an elite regiment known for its gallantry and various battle honours. Soon after joining the unit, Lt Triveni Singh was sent for the Commando Course at college of combat and did exceedingly well in the course. During 2003, his unit was deployed in Jammu area where Lt Triveni Singh took charge as Adjutant of the unit.


Jammu Terrorist Attack: 02 Jan 2004


On the evening of 02 January, 2004 the Lt Triveni Singh’s unit received information about the terrorist attack on Jammu railway station. The commanding officer of the unit instructed Lt. Triveni Singh to inform all officers and prepare for action. Realizing the gravity of the situation and urgency Lt Triveni Singh sought permission to go to the railway station himself as leader of the quick reaction team of commandos.


On reaching the railway station Lt Triveni Singh realized that the terrorists had already attacked and killed 7 civilians. Lt Triveni Singh immediately swung into action and ordered his troops to cordon off the station. In a swift action Lt Triveni Singh killed the first militant and followed the other, who was firing from the overhead rail bridge. Lt Triveni Singh knew that the militant was equipped with lethal weapons and could kill over 300 passengers, who were in the parcel room. In a daring action Lt Triveni Singh succeeded in killing the second militant too thereby averting a grave danger to the lives of innocent civilians.


However during the exchange of fire, Lt Triveni Singh got severely injured and was martyred. For his extraordinary gallantry, unyielding fighting spirit and  selfless act of supreme sacrifice, Lt Triveni Singh was given the nation’s highest peace time gallantry award “Ashok Chakra”.


Lt Triveni Singh is survived by his father Capt Janmej Singh Thakur(Retd) & mother Smt Pushplata.

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  • Aala Singh Swatch

    2023at11:26 am Reply

    Salute to this brave son of India.
    I played on Triveni’s shoulders when i was a kid in P.A.U. ludhiana grounds.
    He was always a very caring and loving older brother.
    Your ultimate sacrifice is remembered in your hostel, college and play grounds of PAU. May we meet again in another life.

  • Kumar

    2023at11:27 am Reply

    A big salute.

  • Shikhar Singh

    2023at11:28 am Reply

    Today 2 January ,2021 I feel myself fortunate to remember You in all my esteems. On this day in 2004 You make ‘the contribution that a human being can ever made’ i.e. You made your supreme sacrifice for those whom You even did not know personally but yes… You gave Your life for just being in the relation of “Indian blood” . It is incorrect to say that God has never landed on earth in 21st century because I saw the God , LT. TRIVENI SINGH. But not for much time You stayed on this earth .In fact there would have been a party organized on your arrival in heaven as everyone there was going to get an Hero entering their company. Your ‘Balidan’ is beyond any comparison. Even the words would have been feeling themselves unworthy and mere in front of such a great personality. Though I was not able to meet You in this birth but I am very sure that I will meet You in the very next birth. I promise You to meet You soon…………….JAI HIND

  • yogendra singh

    2023at11:28 am Reply

    he is a hero who not only eliminated terrorists but also saved many lives.

  • Balasiva R

    2023at11:29 am Reply

    His last words were “Mission accomplished, Sir”

  • Vinay Tewari

    2023at11:29 am Reply

    We owe our comfort to Lt Triveni Singh and thousands and lakhs like him. Our gratitude to his parents. We can only imagine the scene when lt Triveni would have fought these barbarians.

  • Dr Gaurav Kumar

    2023at11:30 am Reply

    Proud of you. I salute this brave son of Motherland.

  • Sonam Kapadia

    2023at11:30 am Reply

    They should rename the Jammu Railway station in the memory of Lt. Triveni Singh

    • Shikhar Singh

      2023at11:34 am

      I wrote two-three mails for the same but grievance is still pending……..but my mail is getting forwarded to higher authorities. Hoping for the best

  • Vinay Prakash Yadav

    2023at11:30 am Reply

    Right now i am at Jammu railway station and its matter of shame that we dont even have a memorial/any display of information related to this brave son of mother India who saved Jammu station and countless innocent lives that fateful day.

    Salute to Lt Triveni Singh for display of his raw courage and saving countless innocent civilian lives that day. Proud to have army of soldiers like you.

    • Mohan

      2023at11:33 am


    • Deepak

      2023at11:35 am

      A shopping complex honouring the martyr in Delhi Cantt is there but I agree there should’ve been a memorabilia at the site of action too.

  • Valsan Kunnath

    2023at11:31 am Reply

    Big Salute to Brave Officer Lt. Triveni Singh – Ashok Chakra You are the Brave Son of Bharath.
    “Duty beyond Death” “Soldiers go beyond call of Duty”
    You proved the patriotism in the most inspiring way to the Nation.
    You will never be forgotten and will always be Saluted for your utmost courage and ultimate sacrifice.

    • Sanjwal dev

      2023at11:34 am

      Jai Hind

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