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Service No : SS-41837

Date of Birth : 21 Aug 1983

Service: Army

Last Rank: Lieutenant

Unit : 5 JAK LI

Arm/Regt : J&K Light Infantry

Award : KC

Date of Martyrdom : 7th Oct 2006

Lt Natarajan Parthiban KC

Lieutenant N Parthiban was born on 21st August 1983, in a military family to Major V Natarajan (Retired) and Mrs. Tamil Selvi. Owing to the frequent postings of his father Lt Parthiban had to change schools often and studied in various schools including Sri Kanna Matriculation school, Chinthamani, Puliangudi, Tirunelveli (Dist.), Tamilnadu, Army Public school, Delhi, Army Public School Khaprail, West Bengal,  Army School, Patiala, Punjab, and Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Campus, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Lt Parthiban was also nicknamed as “KALABAN”, by his college mates, owing to his great interest in science (inspired by Dr. Abdul Kalam’s name). He had so much interest in Electronics and Computer science, that he opted for a part-time job in that field during his college days. He completed his graduation in Physics from Bishop Heber College, Trichy.


During his college days, Lt Parthiban joined senior wing NCC  and got his “C” certificate successfully. His desire to serve the nation by being a part of the Armed Forces only intensified after he joined the NCC in college. Lieutenant N. Parthiban got inspired by the words “Yeh dil mange more”,  the famous quote by Capt Vikram Batra PVC of 13 J&K Rif and another quote by  Capt Manoj Kumar Pandey PVC, “Some goals are so worthy, it is glorious even to fail”. Lt Parthiban got the call from OTA when he had enrolled for M.Sc. in Physics. He went on to join OTA to fulfill his dream and passed out on March 18, 2006. He got commissioned into 5 Jak Li of the famed Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry.


Gurez Operation: 07 Oct 2006


Lt Parthiban’s unit was deployed in the Gurez sector of J & K  during 2006. On 7th Oct 2006, Lt Parthiban was the post commander in the forest area of Gurez sector, when his unit received information that some heavily armed terrorists were hiding in the nearby forest in an attempt to cross the line of control.  Immediately he rushed with his team to the site of suspected area and tasked his team to provide the covering fire.


Lt Parthiban then along with his buddy, moved closer to the hideout of the terrorists. Suddenly, two terrorists sprang up from behind the boulders and fired on him indiscriminately causing severe bullet injuries to him. Despite being wounded and unmindful of his personal safety, Lt Parthiban charged on them and killed the two terrorists single-handedly in close combat before succumbing to his bullet injuries. A huge quantity of arms and ammunition was recovered from the slain terrorists.


Lieutenant N Parthiban displayed conspicuous bravery, grit, and devotion to duty of very high order in the face of hostile fire, and made the supreme sacrifice. He was awarded the nation’s second-highest gallantry award during peacetime “Kirti Chakra” for his exceptional service to the nation and became the youngest soldier to receive that honour.


Lieutenant N Parthiban is survived by his mother Tamil Selvi, father Major V Natarajan (Retd), and his sister Pushpa Anand.

The Citation for  Kirti Chakra awarded to him reads :


On the night of 07th October 2006, Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban, Post Commander in Gurej Sector, Jammu & Kashmir received information that some heavily armed terrorists, in an attempt to cross the Line of Control were hiding in a nearby forest. He with his team rushed to the site and cordoned off the suspected area. He tasked his team to provide covering fire, he himself along with his buddy, closed in on the terrorists. Suddenly, two terrorists sprung up from behind the boulders and fired on him indiscriminately causing severe bullet injuries to him. Despite being wounded and unmindful of his personal safety, he charged on them and killed the two terrorists single-handedly in close combat before succumbing to his bullet injuries. The heavy quantity of arms and ammunition were recovered from the slain terrorists.


Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban displayed conspicuous bravery, grit, and devotion to duty of very high order in the face of hostile fire, and made the supreme sacrifice.

  • In the honour of Lt Parthiban, “Parthiban Memorial Library” was inaugurated on his 9th martyrdom year at the native village Chinthamani. It Provides free service for all at Tirunelveli, in Tamil Nadu.
  •  A road has been named after him as Lt N Parthiban Salai.

Operation Future

March ahead my noble soldier,

As our safety rest on your shoulder.

You live by the  chance and love by choice.

Where there is nothing to rejoice.

You have the heart to bear all pain.

Moving though sun snow and rain.

Yours is a breed that fights like a king.

For you its never a personal thing.

You are my role model without a question.

As you lead protest and kill by Profession.

Be it a regular duty or a CI operation.

With the death always looming near

You keep vigil without a fear.

You are the one who lives for the counterys name.

Not caring for money glamour or fame.

You are the one leader of the game.

And would like to become the same. 

                                                                                                                  By:Lt  N Parthiban

  • “Have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat, then you will not be ashamed to look at the mirror… Words by: Lt N Parthiban Kirti Chakra
  • Born to do…Aim of his being…and Proved to be a true Son, a Brother, and a Buddy and a National… a true youth of this Mother Land… Words By:  Lt N Parthiban KC

Lt. Parthiban’s memorable moment (at OTA Kamptee)


The Uncertainty Principle In Life


Life is an endless journey, full of emotions, some pleasant, and some not so pleasant. But there are some incidents, which are like movie trailers. They keep on playing in the head again and again.


I remember one such incident in Nagpur. I was there for a camp at the NCC  Officers Training  Academy. Near the academy, there was a small park and on the last day of the camp, I went there for a walk. The park was deserted except for a man and a very young boy. They were playing and running all over the park. It was a kind of scene, which could make anybody feel good. The man would say “OK Let’s go home now” and the boy would say with unlimited vigor and enthusiasm “daddy just five more minutes”. I was amused as this went on and on and they played for more than two hours. Finally, they sat on a bench near mine and the man smiled at me.


Returning the smile, I told him “Sir, you must be the most patient and wonderful of all fathers”. At this, the man just grinned and looked up into the evening sky. When he looked at me again he was a completely changed man with tears in his eyes. He told me a story. It seems that he had a daughter, aged seven, who always wanted to play with him and spend some time with him. But, for him, his work was more important. He soon realized his mistake as his daughter died in a road accident. he could never play with her, even for five minutes.


Back in the academy, I was punished for coming late into barracks but I learned something that day. Life is completely unpredictable and no one can ever see the future. If we love somebody, we have to show it somehow. That night, I got an out pass and went out to the only phone booth in the academy, I called up my parents and told them that I loved them.

Ms. Pushpa Anand paid tribute to her brother, Lieutenant N Parthiban, on his “Day of Martyrdom” on 07 Oct 2018…


It has been twelve years now since my brother left us forever, but we as a family live through his words, memories, and the things left by him. That makes our world! He is not only there in every nook and corner of our house but lives in our hearts too!


I fondly remember him as the most loving and caring brother. He always had the insight of the right or wrong path I was taking. We would often speak for hours and spend time walking, sharing, and advising each other. Ever ready to help everyone be it, friends, or neighbors, he was loved by all, whosoever came in touch with him. Those loving and caring letters from his college friends speak volumes about their love and respect for him.


On the day of his “passing out parade” at OTA, I remember the moment when he proudly marched up to dad and saluted him (That moment made my dad, a former Army officer, swell with pride). A few months later when our beloved Parthi came wrapped in Tricolor, dad marched up to him and gave a salute. Both the moments filled me with pride as well as pain and were etched in my memory forever.


As a family, we have built “Parthiban Memorial library” in our village, Chinthamani in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. My parents carry out various charitable activities in his memory for the needy and organize programs to motivate young people to join the armed forces.


As a tribute to my brother, I have created a website for him (www.ltnparthibankc.com ) to create awareness about him and inspire the younger generation of the country. I have proudly named both my children with the letters derived from his name (ARPITH and PRITHA were derived by jumbling letters from PARTHI). The decision was guided by the thought that Parthi would come back to us in a new avatar and continue to be part of our lives.


Parthi, my brother you will always remain my angel and guiding light.

Your Didi!

Pushpa Anand

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  • Rajarajan Chandran

    2021at10:47 am Reply

    Dear Soldier’s,

    Indian Army is a Source of Inspiration for all of Us.
    Late Parthiban KC sir we Salute you for the Sacrifice.
    As the Citizen of India we are very proud of our Indian Army for Serving the Nation.

    Jai Hind

  • M.Sermakkani

    2021at10:30 am Reply

    Dear Braveheart, it is through the priceless sacrifices of people like you, that we are able to live a peaceful life. My humble prostrations to your enlightened soul. May your family overcome the pain of losing a dear one, with pride that they had a family member who laid down their life in service of this great nation. Jai Hind!

  • Pandiyan.V

    2021at3:03 pm Reply

    We are living peacefully because of the sacrifice of Lt.Parthiban.He is a great motivator for Preasent NCC Cadets.He is the real hero of the nation. I m Lt.Parthiban, bishop heber college mate and hostel room mate. Really miss u my friend forever. Jai Hind

  • Suresh Narayan

    2021at6:56 am Reply

    A soldier above all the reason others prays for peace. For it is the soldiers who always suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war… You will remain a hero of our great nation and in our heart as well. Jai Hind and Rest in peace Sir..

  • S Ramesh

    2022at12:59 pm Reply

    Naanga safe ah irukkurom na adhu ungala la dhan sir we are salute lt.parthiban sir unga name dhan Pallavaram army camp la irukku we are proud of you sir

  • S. Harih Haran

    2022at8:57 am Reply

    Indian Army officials like Lt. Natarajan Parthiban, Major Mariappan Saravanan are a source of inspiration for the current youngsters. Tamilnadu youngsters need to join the Indian Army, but sadly, many of them don’t know how to join. Bravehearts liek Lt. Natarajan should be familiarized between youngsters instead of Movie stars. Let’s hope that this changes

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