Service No : IC7557

Service : Army

Unit : 12 Fd Regt

Arm/Regt : The Regiment of Artillery

Martyrdom : 1971

Lt Col A B Guha

We are in the process of gathering additional information about this fallen soldier and are putting painstaking efforts in scouring the data available in public domain, towards that end. You may appreciate that it is a humongous task to curate the information about all the martyrs since 1947 and the endeavor demands huge amount of time and resources. Thus, we need the support of the martyr’s family members, former Unit or Formation colleagues, other comrades and friends in this regard. Please share any information about this soldier, if you have, by virtue of your association with him to make his profile comprehensive and inspirational. The information may be in the form of text, photographs or video clips and may be sent as and when available, since the information is dynamically updated.


We would immensely appreciate your valuable assistance in sharing your knowledge about the inspirational journey of this spirited soldier. We look forward to your help in our mission of spreading awareness about the sacrifices of the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces, who gave it all for our brighter tomorrow.

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  • Ankur Das

    2021at1:27 am Reply

    I think Lt Col AB Guha attained Martyrdom on December 5th, 1971 in a Pakistani Air Raid somewhere near Pallanwala ( J and K) East of River Munawar Tawi, while he was in the midst of a briefing under a tree. When I was in an Artillery Unit under 10 Division in Jaurian during 1985 to 1990, every year on December 5th there used to be a Memorial Service organised by 10 Div and the Lady Wife of Lt Col AB Guha used to attend. I have attended two or three such memorial services. Further inputs may be available from HQ 10 Inf Div or Veterans who were in the thick of war in Chhamb in 1971/ who served in the Area. 12 Fd Regt was assigned Fire Power to 28 Inf Bde, 191 Inf Bde and 68 Inf Bde with a Bty each.


    2021at8:48 am Reply

    My father Lt Col.AB Guha SM was CO 12 Fd Regt and fought the Indo Pak war of 1971. Being a 15 year old school student, my memories of the war were idealistic . My Dad was my hero and and I knew he would come back victorious. Hero he became, but sacrificed his life for the cause. What I have heard from regiment officers was he was going to retrieve some guns which to an Arty officer is Izzat o Iqbal. He inspired all his men and officers and even till date those who worked under him say ‘It was an honour to have worked under him.

    • Paul Madura

      2022at5:35 am

      Dr Sen,
      Read my comments about your dad. Send me an E mail so I can figure out how to talk to you on the phone. I had great respect for your dad.
      Paul Madura ( Ex Captain Indian Army) USA.

  • Paul V Madura. Milwaukee, USA.

    2022at12:28 am Reply

    My name is Paul Madura . I was an emergency commissioned officer in the Indian army , in the 4 Field Regiment. Maj Guha was transferred to 4 field regiment in , I think 1965 or 66 ,while we were stationed at Jalpaiguri ,then West Bengal. We moved to Jhansi . Maj Guha was my Battery commander of the 92 Field Battery of the regiment. He was promoted to Col of 12 Fd Regiment . I had a lot of respect for him because he was technically well versed & we had a good relationship.I had heard that he was killed during the war with Pakistan. It is only today that I started to look for him did I find out about him. As a matter of fact his wife who was a doctor in the army delivered my son at the Jhansi Military Hospital. May his soul rest in peace.
    Paul Madura
    United States.

  • Paul Madura

    2022at2:47 am Reply

    Dr Anupama Sen,
    If you read my comments about your dad ,If you can , call me or send me your face book with messenger & I will call you . I knew your dad while in the army.
    Paul Madura. USA ( Ex Capt)

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