Place of Birth: Ratlam, (MP)

Service: Navy

Last Rank : Lt Commander

Unit : INS Vikramaditya

Date of Martyrdom : 26 Apr 2019

Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chouhan

Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chouhan hailed from Ratlam city of Madhya Pradesh. After completing his Engineering, he joined Indian Navy in the year-2013. Lt Cdr D S Chouhan was brilliant in academics and also excelled in sports during his student days. After joining the Navy, he developed into a committed soldier and an officer who took immense pride in his job. Soldiering was his passion and it got reflected in his conduct at all times.


By the year-2019, Lt Cdr D S Chouhan had put in nearly 6 yrs of service and had developed expertise in various naval operations. After serving for a couple of years, Lt Cdr Chouhan got married with Ms. Karuna Singh on 10th Mar 2019. He could spend only 15 days with his wife before he returned back to his duty.


INS Vikramaditya fire: 26 Apr 2019


During Apr 2019, Lt Cdr Chouhan was serving aboard INS Vikramaditya, the aircraft carrier and the flagship of the Indian Navy. INS Vikramaditya joined the Indian Navy in the year 2013 and was the most potent platform of the Indian navy manned by about 110 officers and 1500 sailors. On 26th Apr, the engine room of INS Vikramaditya caught fire following a blast in one of the steam pipes. The blast damaged the fuel pipe causing the fire in the engine room. The vessel had a total of 21 decks and the fire broke out on Deck 3 that damaged two compartments.


As soon as the fire was noticed in the fuel pipe, the fire-fighting crew immediately cut fuel supply to prevent further spread of fire. Lt Cdr Chouhan sensing the gravity of the situation swung into action giving directions to his men to bring the fire under control and prevent any damage to men and material. Lt Cdr Chouhan was leading the operation himself taking actions at a frenetic pace. However, during the fire fighting operation, Lt Cdr Chouhan was hit by a jet of hot steam when he went into the smoke-filled room to fight the fire. He had entered the room without caring for his own safety but the sudden blast of hot steam left him unconscious. He later succumbed to his burn injuries and was martyred.


Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chouhan was a gallant soldier and an inspiring officer who led from the front like a good military leader. Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chouhan laid down his life at the age of 30-years in the line of his duty following the highest traditions of the Indian Navy. He is survived by his mother Smt Tama Kanwar, wife Smt Karuna Chouhan and his sister.

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  • Anurag Pandey

    2020at9:41 am Reply

    I am a teenager but I can feel a true love between you too , salute too sir and mam I salute you to bcoz the feeling of lost someone is not describeable , and mam your words have a deep meaning


    2020at12:05 pm Reply

    Very sad end of a love and life of a brave naval officer.This tragedy has fallen upon his wife a death itself.We can only sympathize her but she feeling the blow every second.A fortnight married life is all her treasure.May God grant her strength to bear this loss!

  • Col N Krishnan

    2020at1:43 pm Reply

    Salute to you Braveheart…God bless

    • Rabindranath Das

      2020at1:53 pm

      May the almighty give you enough strength to bear the irreparable loss. Salute to your courage.


    2020at12:04 am Reply

    Om Shanti, Salute to your one body two souls Mata. No words.

  • Siddharth Dwivedi

    2020at2:04 am Reply

    Salute to you Sir and Mam country never forget your suprime sacrifice for the nation you will be always a inspiration for all of us.
    Jai Hind

  • Surinder Kumar Monga

    2020at11:08 am Reply

    He did his duties without caring for his life. This is the tradition in our armed forces. I being Ex Navy personnel, salute his bravery and pray for his soul to rest in peace. Also a big salute to his courageous wife and other family members. Hope Govt of India and Indian Navy will look after the martyered family in a dignified manner.

  • Suhel Sharad Patel

    2021at9:56 am Reply

    जिक्र अगर हीरो का होगा, तो नाम जरूर आपका ओर भारत के वीरों का होगा.

  • Aditya Suresh Nayak

    2021at10:41 pm Reply

    Salute to this brave soul. Jai Hind

  • SSingh

    2021at3:55 pm Reply

    you actually proved that you are the one from lineage of maharana pratap ……you are the real rajput and the real Indian…….indeed you were (are) the incarnation of Pratap…..but you left sooooooooooo early ……why you were in such a great hurry …… i wish you were there to celebrate your bravery ….koi nhi …..we will celebrate when we will meet , maybe in next birth or maybe in heaven in the company of all other heroes …..though not immediately but definitely …….. thank you for being an inspiration and great motivation for me ……looking forward to see you soon till then tata and take care (also beware of angels around you 🙂

  • Soshitha Padmaraju

    2022at8:06 pm Reply

    Soshitha . VII . F . New Horizon Gurukul
    Lt Cdr Dharmendra Singh Chouhan
    Soldiers are our Real Heroes,
    We should respect them for their devotion to the country,
    Giving speeches, singing songs or dancing doesn’t completely show our respect towards them, it should come from your heart that shows the respect towards them.
    Jai Hind !!!

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