Service no: SS-43842Y

Date of Birth: Aug 28, 1985

Place of Birth: Samba (J&K)

Service: Army

Last Rank: Lieutenant

Unit : 18 Grenadiers/ASC

Arm/Regt : ASC

Award : Kirti Chakra

Date of Martyrdom : Sep 28, 2011

Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria KC

Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria was born on 28 Aug 1985 in Samba in Jammu and Kashmir. Son of an army veteran Nb Sub Som Datt Khajuria, Lt Khajuria completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. He was second among four siblings with elder brother Anil, younger brother Sunil and sister Deepika. He joined the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) after completing his graduation and was commissioned into the Army Service Corps on 20 March 2010. A second generation officer, Lt Sushil Khajuria’s both brothers and sister too joined the Armed Forces. Currently his elder brother Anil Khajuria is serving in the Army in the rank of Colonel, while sister Deepika is serving in the IAF.


Lt Sushil Khajuria though commissioned into ASC was deputed to 18 Grenadiers unit deployed in  J&K as his first operational assignment. Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria joined the unit at Panzgam on 14 April 2010. He was made the Ghatak Platoon Commander from the beginning and was soon in combat, conducting counter-terrorist operations in the treacherous mountainous terrain of the frontiers of Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir. His first real encounter was on 29 July 2011, where he gave an excellent account of himself and the battalion was successful in neutralizing one hardcore terrorist.


Kupwara Operation: 27 Sep 2011


On 27 September 2011, Lt Sushil Khajuria was leading his team in a rugged and difficult terrain with steep slopes and thick undergrowth, simultaneously, coordinating movements with four other teams based on specific input by higher formation headquarters and a neighboring formation about the presence of an infiltration column of approximately 5 to 6 terrorists in the general area of Kopra,in Kupwara district.


The teams were launched on a search and destroy mission to deal with the terrorists. While scouting a nullah, his team came under heavy fire. With his buddy having pinned down by the terrorist fire and realizing that the terrorists were entrenched in an advantageous position behind a big rock, Lt Sushil Khajuria crawled through thick foliage to a flank and spotted the terrorists under covering fire from his team. Unmindful of his personal safety, he charged at the terrorists, up the slope, killing two of them.


During the operation Hav Ravi Kumar, the leading scout of another team got shot by the terrorists at around 10.30 hrs and was severely injured. Hav Kumar could not move, under fire from the terrorists. Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria then volunteered to retrieve the injured Hav Ravi Kumar. While crawling towards Hav, Lt Sushil Khajuria was fired upon by a terrorist and was severely injured. Lt Khajuria later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. For his act of conspicuous gallantry, exceptional leadership and camaraderie Lt Sushil Khajuria was given the nation’s second highest gallantry award during peacetime, the “Kirti Chakra”.


Lt Sushil Khajuria is survived by his father Nb Sub Som Datt Khajuria (Retd), mother, brothers Col Anil Khajuria & Sunil Khajuria and sister Deepika.

The Citation of Kirti Chakra awarded to Lt Sushil Khajuria reads:-


Lieutenant Sushil Khajuria KC, while leading his team in a search operation in the main area in district Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir came face to face with two terrorists. Displaying exceptional presence of mind he opened fire on them allowing his team to take cover. In the prolonged firefight, the officer advanced from cover to cover and with unflinching resoluteness and raw courage, closed in and eliminated the terrorist from close range. The other terrorist brought down intense fire on the team. Sensing danger, the officer exhibiting conspicuous bravery of highest order immediately engaged and forced the terrorist to retreat. He pursued the terrorist, using the difficult folds in the ground, approached from an unexpected direction and personally eliminated the second terrorist.


The officer, displaying exceptional sense of responsibility and camaraderie as a true leader unmindful of his personal safety immediately crawled forward to evacuate one of his injured colleague upholding the highest traditions of the Indian Army. For his act of conspicuous gallantry, exceptional leadership and camaraderie in the highest traditions of Army, Lt Sushil Khajuria is recommended for the award of ‘Kirti Chakra’ (Posthumous)’.

He could not make it………………. Blog- A tribute by an Indian


It must have been around 11.00 yesterday at night I was online, reading and responding to the readers of my blog, postings by friends, I casually logged on to the facebook to see the first post, it was from Rakesh Tripathi, one of my student who opted for unconventional career and joined army. Now major and doing M.Tech at IIT Pawai. The post was the photo feature of last journey of Lt. Sushil Khajuria. A young man of 26 made supreme sacrifice in Jammu and Kashmir while fighting highly trained infiltrators from across the border on 27 September. He fought bravely in the difficult terrain, killed two terrorists but fell to the enemy bullets while retrieving a wounded colleague. I went through the last journey photos, the coffin with his name, the wreath laid down by army men, inconsolable family, the father, brothers, sister, the villagers, the showering of flowers, the gun salute and finally flames, a brave son of India makes his departure never to return but not before ensuring safety of motherland.
It was emotionally squeezing, everything from heart beats to eyes all were at work, didn’t want to speak to anybody for I could not have. For the whole night the pictures of Lt. Sushil holding his gun, at passing out parade with father and brother and of the last journey followed by comments of condolences, respect, bereavements…. were chasing me. I was restless. He was just 26 and was to marry next year. An engineer by education opted for the 18 grenadiers. His brother is also in the army. He was from Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. Youngest of family always wanted to join army. Commissioned in the army only on March 20, 2010, he was cremated with full military honour only after one and half years.
How can these men be like this? No fear, only valour. Love for the family but country is supreme, their dream martyrdom, want to make the family proud of their bravery. They are of different stuff. From the childhood they show signs that they are a different lot. They join the armed forces to fulfill the dream of serving the nation and never hesitate to face bullets. It is so difficult to map their mind when in the line of duty but may be easy because of their dedication, devotion and discipline, all focused on call of duty.
Immediately after his sacrifice the page on Facebook appeared with lots of respect, full of patriotic comments, all expressing grief but saluting him for his ultimate service, expressing to the family the feelings of the thankful nation and all are with the family. As usual, the political apathy continued as no minister could spare time to attend his last rites and pay tribute. Are we giving too much importance to them? Let them do what they want to in the best tradition of their insensitivity, we will show in whatever small way we can to the family of Lt. Sushil that the nation deeply respects their immortalized son.
This blog is a small attempt to pay tribute to this young fighter.
On his Facebook account Lt. Sushil’s friend Vikas Hans posted: “One day when a bullet gets stuck in my heart and I lay down my life for my country, pin my medals on my chest and say to my mom that her son was a brave man. These words were written by my friend Sushil on a simple page of my copy nearly six years ago. Who knew he gonna prove this today. I am proud to be your friend. I love you, my brother. Missing u.”
While briefing the media about the battle that lasted for more than 48 hours, the officials said that they killed five terrorists in a close battle. In the search operation, Hav Ravi Kumar was hit and Lt. Sushil volunteered to evacuate Ravi Kumar. But he couldn’t make it. Yes, he couldn’t make it there but he did make it to the heart of India by his supreme sacrifice, to the list of men we are proud of, to the list of men who faced bullets for our safety, to the list of men nation is thankful to and ultimately to the league of Capt Vikram Batra, Cap Manojkumar Pandey, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.. exceptional, brave, immortalized sons of India.
Salute to Lt. Sushil Khajuria.
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    Lots of love and respect!

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    Jai hind sir
    you are always in our heart♥️
    We are proud of you nd your family
    sushil khajuria♥️
    I love army

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    Call me please who is running this idea
    My self sunil Khajuria
    Elder brother of sushil

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    For our tomorrow they gave their everything. Amar shaheed Lt. Sushil khajuria (KC) was a proud alumni of our college (MAM PG COLLEGE) and we all are filled with pride to have a senior like him. JAI HIND

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    Salute to martyr who have proved his blood further nation

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    he is not just survived by his respected family members ,,,,,,because he is also survived by indians like me .


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    full tribute to SHAEED Lt. SUSHIL KHAJURIA [KIRTI CHAKAR] was a GREAT alumini of prestigious M.A.M PG COLLEGE JAMMU.

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