Service No: IC-11867

Service: Army

Last Rank : Lieutenant

UNIT: 6 Kumaon

Regiment: The Kumaon Regiment

Date of Martyrdom : 16 November 1962

Lieutenant Bikram Singh

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  • Dr Manjunath

    2020at6:29 pm Reply

    Lt. Bikram Singh Rathore is the hero of Battle of walong in 1962 indo China war. He certainly deserved param vir chakra for his heroic defensive battle with little ammunition and men to defend western ridge as the leader of delta company of 9 kumaon regiment. He is called Tiger of Namti valley and sacrificed his life in the service of nation on 16 the November 1962.
    Every Indian should salute this great man and that’s what is more than PVC for him. Visit Helmet top memorial at least once in a life time to pay shraddhanjali to these hero’s.

  • Rajbala Thakur

    2020at5:42 am Reply

    Growing up we heard so many stories of our Bikram Mana Jee .
    Wish I could built more memories with him but I feel so very proud of him . I
    He is such an inspiration and role model to the younger generation

  • Narender Singh

    2020at5:35 pm Reply

    Lt Bikram Singh fought two battles in Walong .

    1) At Namti Nallah on 22/23 Oct night , while in Comnd of D Coy (100 men) confronted and Ambushed intruder 153 Regt of PLA (3000) who fled Leaving behind 200 dead and accepted defeated & refused to fight any further .Incident was on day one of PLA intrusion on Indian soil . China also declared end of phase 1 of war .
    2) At .2847 of West Ridge ( most vital post ) he held from 6 Nov to 16 Nov . His D Coy gave stubborn resistance to 388 Regt of PLA from 7,30 h to 12 AM & averted fall of Walong garrison. He with 107 brave soldiers remained MIA for 24 Years after war . Helmet Top post Is his eternal resting place with 56 of his brave men . Place is 2 hrs trekking from road head . ( worth visiting by young adventurous groups , to see his battle field ) Enemy suffered over 500 dead before Lt Bikram ( the last on post ) was martyred .(recorded ) . Bikram is the biggest unsung hero of 1962 war .

  • Rathiraj

    2020at12:01 pm Reply

    I am now reading a book on the Battle of Walong. There are not enough words to praise the superhuman deeds of Lt Bikram Singh, he deserved PVC for his fighting efficiency and personal valour. In the year 1999, while being located in the Walong sector, I and my men contributed others to construct the monument for the fallen heroes. It was a heart-touching sight finding remnants of men, their equipment and weapon, both Indian and Chinese.
    I revere those heroes and pray that the lessons have been learnt well and will never let the Chinese dare for another adventure. At the same time, I loath the political leadership under Nehru and K Krishna Menon, the infamous Defence Minister and inept senior military commanders including Lt Gen BM Kaul, for their utter failure to understand and implement the basic military teachings, which today, even a junior leader as Lieutenant know better.

  • Ghanshyam Singh Katoch

    2022at8:35 am Reply

    I truly appreciate the hard fight put up by these valiant men in the Walong Sector as I commanded 2 Mountain Division in the period 2010-2011

  • Deepankar Banerjee

    2022at8:33 pm Reply

    Lt Bikram Singh should have been awarded PVC posthumously

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