Service Number: 2680140

Birth place: Gudhi, Haryana

Service: Army

Last Rank: Lance Naik

UNIT: 22 Grenadiers

Lance Naik Ahmed Ali

Lance Naik Ahmed Ali hailed from Gudhi village which is about 30 kilometres from Gurgaon in Haryana. He was the son of Abdul Majid Khan. He was married for 15 years to Hajra. They had five daughters and two sons. His youngest daughter was less than a month old and his eldest daughter was twelve years old when he made the supreme sacrifice for his motherland. Lance Naik Sattar Khan who was fighting alongside Lance Naik Ahmed Ali in the Batalik narrated the events of the war. They were part of a troop of 60 soldiers and were on a mission to capture point 5287 in the Batalik sector. He recalled that the enemy had a troop of about 70 soldiers. They were on the verge of capturing the hill and  were fighting face to face with the enemy troops who were about 50 yards from them.


On the morning of July 2 at around 7 a.m, there was suddenly a heavy firing from the enemy. The troops started counter fire. Lance Naik Ahmed Ali killed two intruders before he was hit on the right side in the upper chest by an enemy bullet. He succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The operation had ten causalities from the Indian army and about fifteen causalities of the enemy. The operation was a success as the hill was captured and the infiltrators were killed.


The news was given to his family and his body was sent to his hometown. The family were very proud of his achievements and his father proudly said that he would get his sons and grandsons to join the army if the country needs their service. They recalled that Lance Naik Ahmed Ali had come back home for fifteen days just three months prior to the ultimate sacrifice. He was getting a house constructed for his family in the village but left it incomplete as he had to report back to service. He was laid to rest with full military honours.

  • There was a surge of people from all walks of life who paid their last respects to the martyr before he was laid to rest with full military honors. They raised slogans in praise of the country and Ahmed Ali. Leaders of all political parties and senior bureaucrats were present among others on the occasion.
  • The road leading to the village has been renamed in his honor.
  • Three rooms in the village primary school have been named after the martyr.
  • The government awarded an ex gratia of Rs 5 lakh for his family.


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