Service: Air Force

Last Rank: LAC


Date of Martyrdom : Nov 19, 2010

LAC S Kumar

LAC S Kumar was on posted strength of 110 HU unit based at 19 Wing AF in 2010. This helicopter unit plays a major role in maintaining the army units deployed in far flung areas of the north east by air dropping the essential supplies. LAC S Kumar  was a technical tradesman trained on MI-17 helicopter and was part of the technical team of the unit responsible for carrying out the maintenance and servicing of the aircraft.


Air-Maintenance Sortie : 19 Nov 2010


On 19th November 2010 ,the fateful day, LAC S Kumar was on-board an “air-maintenance” sortie on  Mi-17 around Tawang area which is  located about 9,000 feet above the ground at Chinese border . “Air-maintenance” refers to helicopter-aided support of forward army posts on the China frontier, at altitudes of 8,000ft to 14,000ft where winds are high and oxygen density is almost 30 per cent lower, and where supplies are either para-dropped or the helicopters make touch-and-go landings.


The ill-fated Mi-17 helicopter crashed near the China frontier on a wooden hillock at Tepsha village near Bomdir area, about 6km from Tawang, from where it had taken off, at about 12:04pm, leaving no survivors. The counter-Maoist operation chopper, was seen to blast mid-air as per some eye witnesses. This was the second time a plane had crashed mid-air on China frontier in the same year. LAC S Kumar was among the 12 soldiers who lost their lives in this horrific accident.

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  • Ezabel Gomes

    2021at12:37 am Reply

    His Life

    In our warm cozy beds we sleep,
    And somewhere in a village a mother silently weeps.
    Her soldier son is out there fighting a battle,
    While his wife soothes the baby with a bright new rattle.

    I wake up in the morning,
    And complain about my burnt toast.
    While the soldier goes hungry planning for his next post.

    As I make my way through the day,
    Cribbing and complaining about a wasteful life.
    Oblivion of the hardships that our soldiers strive.

    Every hour, every minute, every second;
    Is a chance for us to cherish what we have.
    Only a soldier knows the worth;
    It’s time we understand.

    The family is in pain,
    But his life has not gone in vain.
    A beautiful life he insured for me and you,
    Let’s salute our soldiers for a future bright and new.

    Jai Hind!

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