Place of Birth: Chittoor dist, (AP)

Service: Army

Last Rank : Havaldar

Unit : 18 Madras

Arm/Regt: The Madras Regiment

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Date of Martyrdom: 08 Nov 2020

Hav Praveen Kumar

Hav Praveen kumar hailed from Reddivaripalle village of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Son of Shri Chikala Prathap Reddy and Smt Sugunamma, he joined the Army in the year 2002 at the age of 19 years. He got recruited into 18 Madras of the Madras Regiment, an infantry Regiment well known for its dauntless soldiers and numerous battle exploits. After serving with his parent unit for some time, he also got trained as a commando and worked with the elite NSG for three years.


He got married to Ms Rajitha in the year 2010 and the couple had a son and a daughter. By the year 2020, he had put in around 18 years of service and had been promoted to the rank of Havaldar. By then he had served in various operational areas and gained substantial experience of working in challenging conditions. Besides being a tough soldier he was a very good human being and a source of inspiration for the younger generation of his his village. 


Machil Sector Operation: 08 Nov 2020


During Nov 2020, Hav Praveen kumar ‘s unit 18 Madras was deployed in Kupwara district of J&K close to the Line of Control(LOC). The unit troops were engaged in counter-insurgency operations on a regular basis as its AOR (Area of Operation) was affected by active militancy. The LOC remained highly active and volatile with ceasefire violations occurring very often and without any warning. Besides manning the forward posts in Machil sector in Kupwara district,  Hav Praveen kumar’s unit also undertook operations to check the infiltration bids as its AOR was prone to infiltration by the militants from across the border. On 08 Nov 2020, one such infiltration bid was reported by the BSF patrol at around 0100 hrs near the anti-infiltration obstacle system about 3.5 Kms from the LOC.


As the fire fight escalated, the soldiers from 18 Madras were rushed in take on the infiltrators. The team from 18 Madras led by Capt Ashutosh Kumar included Hav Praveen kumar among many other soldiers. Hav Praveen kumar and his comrades swung into action to foil the infiltration bid and neutralize the militants. The contact with the militants was lost around 0400 hrs but was reestablished at around 1020 hrs as the infiltrators were being tracked by various surveillance devices. Capt Ashutosh Kumar deployed his troops tactically to block the possible escape routes and engaged them aggressively. In the ensuing fierce gun-battle three militants were eliminated. However during the exchange of fire Hav Praveen kumar and four of his comrades received gun shots and were seriously injured. Later Hav Praveen kumar and two more soldiers including the team leader Capt Ashutosh Kumar & Rifleman Ryada Maheshwar succumbed to their injuries and were martyred. Hav Praveen kumar was a valiant and dedicated soldier, who laid down his life in the line of his duty at the age of 37 years.


 Hav Praveen kumar is survived by his father Shri Chikala Prathap Reddy, mother Smt Sugunamma, wife Smt Rajitha, daughter and a son.  

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  • Valsan Kunnath

    2020at3:41 pm Reply

    Big Salute Hav Praveen Kumar the Brave Son of Bharath.

    Soldiers go beyond call of duty, you were martyred for us, Salute You.
    Nation First, No Compromise,
    My Heartfelt condolences to your brave family.

    Indian Flag Will Always Fly High! Vande Matharam, JAI HIND.

  • Dishani Mukherjee

    2021at10:42 pm Reply

    Dear Heroes,

    You don’t die in an accident
    You don’t die of any disease
    You don’t die a sudden death
    You die the day when you see your borthers are hit with hundreds of bullets.
    You die the day when you have to kill those thousands of men you don’t even know and don’t even see.You also die the day when you receive the news of the death your closed ones and you can’t be there beside them.
    You die a little everyday but nothing stops you from your unconditional love for the country or to break the pledge to protect our nation.
    For Napoleon said, “It is the cause, not the death that makes the Martyr.”

  • vidya

    2021at3:14 pm Reply

    Dear Martyr,
    Network of classmates from that of a Havildar’s daughter to that of a Major, helped me understand the emotes of their families. Thank you for your courage and bravery, heartfelt condolence goes to your family, who will be rightly very proud. Nothing will fill the void in their lives that your passing has caused. Our jawans are our strength. They are our real heroes. Worst scene is that of the parents of the soldier being alive and left to grieve the death of their child as one of the country’s bravest. Many times, the soldier has young children and a spouse who is left behind. When I went in for a funeral of my friend’s father (late soldier of armed force) made me think why a soldier must die while serving to protect his or her country. When I cap my pen, with gratitude I dedicate a line to all the families of the great warriors
    “Your son was a fine young man and a credit to the uniform he wore. He is a true hero and his country will long remember his valor. May he rest in peace.”

  • Reshma Rohira

    2021at4:35 pm Reply

    “As it is saying the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart”
    Thank you Hav Praveen Kumar Ji , for being the guardian of our divine land BHARAT. We are forever grateful to you and moved and touched by the way you devoted yourself on duty. We can sleep at night because you are there for guarding our borders. We can celebrate our festivals with high spirits because we know deep inside like you so many brave soldiers are there to protect us. Sending heartfelt prayers and wishes to your beloved family with tones of happiness, strength, health and wealth.

    On behalf of all young youth a SALUTE to you and your family.

  • Sridhar Darbha

    2021at8:06 pm Reply

    “Janani Janma Bhumischa…swargadhapi gareeyasee!!” Salute to the great soldiers who upheld this lifelong.
    Solider is a selfless son of this motherland who has always given something or the other but never expects anything from others.
    Fighting against all odds, from bearing spine chilling cold to skin-burning heat…from flooded river to striking draught they serve the nation and deserves true salutation.
    A soldier is no less than a seer, his duty is no less than a penance which saves our flourishing country from the eyes of external enemies and internal calamities.

    Words fall too short to describe the contribution of brave hearts to this country. In fact there are no words…its they who wake up late nights so that common man peacefully, its they who stay away from family to make us stay with the family. Its because of them that we eat peacefully.

    I would also like to salute the family of those brave hearts ,it takes immense courage to sacrifice the personal needs and send them for service of the nation.
    Soldiers are the true pulse of the nation and are invaluable gifts. They are Gods!!!!

    On behalf of common people I pay my regards and tribute to the continuous and greatest sacrifices done for upkeeping the pride of our nation.
    We all are the lives saved by you!! Its our duty to keep them pure and contribute to the growth of the nation.

    Jai Hind!!! Jai Jawan Jai Kisan!! Bharat Mata ki Jai

  • Mayank Tripathi

    2021at8:25 am Reply

    I will try in this life to be as brave as you sir, even if that sounds like next to impossible.
    I hope your family heals from your loss and moves ahead stronger. Jai hind.

    • Krutika Shah

      2021at6:43 pm

      We are priveleged to have people like you who served our country.
      JAI HIND.

  • Ruchita Upadhyay

    2021at12:49 pm Reply

    He lives on in through his dedication to the Nation.
    He lives on in our pride.
    He lives on through his courage.
    He lives on through our emotions.
    He lives on through INDIA.

    We salute him and his family for supporting him.
    Thanks for protecting us and this Nation’s sovereignty.

    • N.Ashok

      2021at10:49 am

      It’s proud moment for all us. Thank you so much for all frontline warriors and your family. Jai hind

  • Nepal Singh Rajpoot

    2021at3:02 pm Reply

    I am proud of this app.

  • Anu Gomathi

    2021at5:55 pm Reply

    My heartfelt gratitude for your service to the nation. You were an extremely brave man. Thank you for inspiring me and it was an honor for me to learn your story, sir. You continue to live on in our hearts. You will always be remembered. Jai Hind!

  • Hasaji Sai Bhairavnath

    2021at9:54 am Reply

    Thank you for your patriotism, your sacrifices, and your selflessness. thank you so much for choosing to defend our great nation!

    Hasaji Sai Bhairavnath

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