Service No: 51675IN

Service: Navy

Last Rank: EAR V

UNIT: (INS Khukri) Surface Ships

Operation : Op Cactus Lily

Date of Martyrdom : Dec 09, 1971

EAR V E John

Easo John was born on November 11th 1950. He was son of Ex Indian Navy men P.E.John and mother Sosamma John. He had three siblings, Mary Jacob, Varghese John and Jems Villa. As John’s father was in Defense Service his schooling was done in different places. When John was studying in Sacred Heart Collage Thevara, he had decided to follow his father’s footsteps, who was about to retire from the Indian Navy after 30 years of Long Service. Though his parents wanted him to complete the collage, he  took an initiative to join the Indian Navy.


Easo John completed his training  and was posted to INS Khukri for his seagoing training at the end of 1971, the time India was at war with Pakistan.


Khukri Operation:1971


On the night of 9th December 1971 around 8.45PM, John and his other 176 sailors and 18 officers went down with the ill fated INS Khukri after getting hit by a salvo of three torpedoes fired by PNS hangor a French Daphine Class Submarine of the Pakistan Navy at 40 Nautical Miles off the coast of Diu, Gujarat. John was only  21 years of age when he was killed in the action.


John laid down his life in the service of nation and the country will always remain indebted to him.

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  • Haren M Gandhi

    2021at4:19 pm Reply

    I am speechless to know that John became a martyr at 21 years age.
    He chose to follow his heart and choose serving the nation as a career unlike most of us.
    am deeply inspired by such unselfish humans.
    salute to the noble soul.

  • Ezabel Gomes

    2021at12:35 am Reply

    His Life

    In our warm cozy beds we sleep,
    And somewhere in a village a mother silently weeps.
    Her soldier son is out there fighting a battle,
    While his wife soothes the baby with a bright new rattle.

    I wake up in the morning,
    And complain about my burnt toast.
    While the soldier goes hungry planning for his next post.

    As I make my way through the day,
    Cribbing and complaining about a wasteful life.
    Oblivion of the hardships that our soldiers strive.

    Every hour, every minute, every second;
    Is a chance for us to cherish what we have.
    Only a soldier knows the worth;
    It’s time we understand.

    The family is in pain,
    But his life has not gone in vain.
    A beautiful life he insured for me and you,
    Let’s salute our soldiers for a future bright and new.

    Jai Hind!

  • Sonu Rino Joseph

    2021at6:31 pm Reply

    A big salute to your courage and strength, Mr. John. You left at a very early age..gave your entire life for India. Also a big salute to your brave family too. I wish that God always looks after your family and provides them the strength and peace.
    Thank you.
    Jai Hind.

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