Last Rank : Commander

Unit : INS Vikramaditya

Arm/Regt : INS Hansa

Martyrdom : November 26, 2020

Commander Nishant Singh

Commander Nishant Singh was born in a Naval familiy and grew up in various Indian Navy bases. Son of  a Naval veteran Cdr Yash Vir Singh, Cdr Nishant aspired to follow in the footsteps of his father since his younger days. He studied from Navy Children Schools at Goa and Vishakhapatnam, where the foundation of his future Naval career was laid. His dream came true when he got commissioned into the Executive branch of Indian Navy on 01 July 2008 at the age of 22 years.


Subsequently he joined Naval Aviation and got trained as a fighter pilot. He soon developed into an ace pilot and became a a qualified flying instructor adept on Kiran, Hawk and Mig-29K aircraft. He also had the distinction of earning the 'Wings of Gold' after advance strike training with the US Navy, in December 2011. By the year 2020, he had been promoted to the rank of Commander and had served in various Naval bases in over 12 yeas of service. Besides being one of its most accomplished aviators, Cdr Nishant was also a qualified mountaineer as well as a skilled yachtsman. In May 2020, while seeking permission from his Commanding Officer to get married to Ms Nayaab Randhawa, Cdr Nishant's humour-laden letter titled “Permission to bite the bullet” had caught the imagination of many in social media.  


MiG 29K Crash : 26 Nov 2020


During Nov 2020, Cdr Nishant was serving with at INS Hansa the Naval base at Goa. He was serving with the Indian Navy’s famed “Black Panther” squadron flying MiG-29K aircraft operating from the aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya. The Naval fighter pilots like Cdr Nishant manage the additional complexity of landing their machines on a moving aircraft carrier deck by snagging the “tailhook” to arresting high-tensile wires, after having approached the deck at exactly the right angle. All strategizing and coordination has to happen in a matter of seconds and demands a very high order of flying skills. Being an accomplished flying instructor, Cdr Nishant would often fly with young pilots in a trainer aircraft to give them experience on various air operations.


Cdr Nishant was flying one such mission on 26 Nov 2020 in a two seater MiG-29K along with a young pilot. The sortie was uneventful and smooth but developed technical snag on its return journey. The aircraft became uncontrollable and eventually crashed. The Indian Navy launched massive search operations, deploying nine warships, 14 aircraft and fast interceptor craft. The young pilot was rescued but Cdr Nishant could not be saved and his body was recovered 11 days after the mishap. Cdr Nishant Singh was a gallant soldier and committed Naval fighter pilot who laid down his life in the line of his duty. 


Cdr Nishant Singh is survived by his wife Smt Nayaab Randhawa. 

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  • Raj Kumar Khokhar

    2021at10:07 am Reply

    Nishant I have pleasure to being close to you and your family. I, being, father of a naval officer feel huge lose. Your sudden leaving us have given us big sock but definitely a lot to feel proud if. Proud of you.


  • Seema pathak

    2021at10:17 am Reply

    Nishant aap sabke dilon me hamesha rahoge.

  • SK Goyal

    2021at8:29 pm Reply

    Nishant your commitment and gallant approach to your profession and love for the down trodden will always be missed. The nation is proud of you. May you rest in peace dear

  • Sukhda Kohli

    2021at7:55 am Reply

    Cdr.Nishant Singh a grateful nation pays a tearful tribute to your bravery and patriotic fervor. That you chose to adorn the skies with your grit and nerves of steel over an easier life says heaps about the person that you are. Yes. ARE. And will always be. A brilliant star in the Indian skies .We have no words only huge respect for the brave patriotic parents that brought you up to be what you have been. They will live with their heads held high and a smile for your bravery on their lips. They will never be alone in the grief in their hearts. We all will forever be with them. Lastly a silent prayer for the wellbeing of the brave girl who chose to spend her life with you but didn’t know the Almighty had greater plans for you. Rest Easy O Brave son of the soil

  • hydra-Plose

    2021at11:54 pm Reply
  • T M RAmya

    2021at4:36 pm Reply

    Salute to your bravery Sir. A great Loss to the nation

  • Kavita bansal

    2021at7:57 am Reply

    Nation is proud of you sir

  • Mahalakshmi Magesh

    2021at6:24 pm Reply

    A Big Salute to you and to your family Sir !!

    Your family deserves a big salute as it’s very difficult to send away loved ones. You are away from your families, that’s why we are here with our family.
    We are thankful to you for all your sacrifices toward the nation. “We are proud of our Armed Forces, for keeping us safe and protected from enemies and disasters.
    Today, we are living freely because many sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country.
    Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes… one that we can never fully repay”. It makes our hearts beam with pride when we look at the army of our country
    because you are the reason our families are safe.

  • Ajith Kumar

    2021at7:10 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Nishant Singh for all that you do and for the family that was left behind while you were protecting India. You are true heroes. Thank you for everything.

  • Balamurali G

    2021at5:35 pm Reply

    Dear Family Members of Commander Nishant Singh
    We would not be living the way we do now if it weren’t for the brave man who sacrificed his life for our freedom and safety. He brought fame, honour and respect to our beloved motherland. Be it any weather, he protected us. He was an ordinary person who faced extraordinary circumstances and acted with courage, honour and self-sacrifice. He is a true patriot. We are proud to have such a brave man. We will miss him dearly.
    Jai Hind!!!

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