Service No : IC-51264

Date of Birth : 21 July 1968

Birth place: Mumbai

Service: Army

Last Rank: Captain

Unit : 31 Med Regt

Regiment : The Regiment of Artillery

Date of Martyrdom : 26 Sep 1995

Captain Vinayak Gore

Captain Vinayak Gore was born in Vile parle, a suburb of Mumbai, to Mr Vishnu Gore and Mrs Anuradha Gore. He completed his school education from Parle Tilak Vidyalaya in Vile parle, Mumbai and graduation in Commerce from N.M. College of Commerce in Mumbai. He was a passionate sportsman, who excelled in swimming, football and hockey. Capt Vinayak in his student days was a keen footballer and represented N M college at various inter-college football meets. He was popularly known as “Maradona” among his friends and according to them his football skills were so extraordinary that he would have surely earned a place in the national football team.


But Capt Vinayak, greatly inspired by the lives of Shivaji Maharaj and Veer Savarkar, had a deep interest to serve in the army. He made his intentions clear when he left his article-ship of Chartered Accountancy halfway to appear for the Combined Defence Services Examination. His father was initially reluctant but later relented looking at the enthusiasm and profound desire of his lad.  


He passed out from Indian Military Academy(IMA), Dehradun on 12 June 1991 and was commissioned in Indian Army as Second Lieutenant of the 31 Medium Regiment of the Regiment of Artillery. After commissioning , he had a brief tenure in Punjab and then was posted to Jammu & Kashmir in 1992.


Kupwara Operation : 26 Sept 1995


During 1995, Capt Vinayak’s unit was deployed in Kupwara sector of J & K, which was a terrorist infested area. Capt Vinayak’s duties included creating gun areas, taking part in road opening missions, cordoning off villages in tense situations and conducting search operations on getting information about  presence of terrorists from intelligence sources. On 26th Sept 1995, Capt Vinayak was manning a post on the border which was targeted by the enemy forces on a regular basis.


Taking advantage of the ongoing Navratri festival during that time, the enemy forces resorted to unprovoked firing at the border posts. The post manned by Capt Vinayak came under heavy attack on that day and a fierce exchange of fire ensued. Capt Vinayak within three and half of his service, had evolved into a battle hardened and committed soldier who commanded great respect from his comrades. Under the command of Capt Vinayak, his post gave befitting response to the enemy firing but a missile targeted at his post directly hit him. Capt Vinayak succumbed to his injuries and a valiant soldier was martyred, in the service of the nation. The gallant soldier that shouted the slogans for the country had been silenced and he breathed his last, cozily cradled in the lap of the motherland, he loved and fought for.


Captain Vinayak Gore is survived by his mother Mrs Anuradha Gore.

  • A road has been named in his honour as “Captain Vinayak Gore Marg”, in Vile Parle, Mumbai-400057.
  • A flyover joining east-west Vile Parle in Mumbai has been named after Captain Vinayak Gore.
  • Many scholarships in various schools  have been sponsored in his name by a number of citizens of Mumbai.

Quotes by Capt Vinayak Gore

  • We cannot live without the blessings of god even for a fraction of a second.
  • If you really want to do something outstanding in life you must join defense services.
  • My job gives me 100% job satisfaction 24*7.
  • A bullet carved with my name must have been prepared in an ordinance factory somewhere in the world.
  • Promise me that you will never cry. You are a captain’s mother and you should never cry.
  • If I come back alive accomplishing this mission (last mission) I’ll definitely achieve the rank of an Army General.
  • Once you wear an army uniform you must receive medal either alive or posthumously.
  • Accept my posthumous award like a mother of a Captain.
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  • Charudatta Hatode

    2020at12:06 am Reply

    Salute to Captain Vinayak Gore who sacrificed his life for the country. Salute to his parents also

    • tushar pandit

      2021at11:28 pm

      What can we say about him great memories abt playing football along with my other friends at PTV ground a true footballer cud ve got into the national team but he was destined to be a hero of the country which will always remain in our hearts forever

  • Deepak Narindas Khemchandani

    2020at11:06 pm Reply

    BRAVO. Valiant efforts of Soldiers, their unrelenting efforts in gaurding Mother India allows ordinary citizens to sleep peacefully every night.
    Always indebted to These national Jewels.

  • Sachin subhash pawar

    2020at12:43 am Reply

    It’s my honor to be a part of vile parle & ptva with the cap.vinayak gore.birth place of legend.

    • mahesh parkar

      2021at10:06 pm

      Indian aramed forces we are salute you Jay hind

    • Devashish Gajanan Raut

      2021at9:59 pm

      Salute to Shaheed Captain Vinayak Gore, a brave heart soldier and a true warrior. Bharat Mata ki Jai, Vande Mataram , Jai Hind

  • Sai kandalkar

    2020at8:57 pm Reply

    Hey mera naam Sai hai air Maine Anuradha mam Ka DD sahyadri par mam Ka interview Dekha mein unsa bahut inspire hua hi pls muje BHI army mein AANA hai pls MERI madat Karo mein abhi 10th mein hu MERI email id hai Salute you mam your interview really inspired me. I am Pune maharashtra


    2020at12:10 am Reply

    Honourable Late Captain. Shri. Vinayak Gore Sir has led an extraordinary Life and put forth a valiant vigilant and deeply penetrative inspiration for us youth of our country. I myself being from his locality Vile Parle feel immensely proud of you Sir. Wherever you are , if you are watching us please! Bless us to continue your legacy. Jai Hind

    • mahesh parkar

      2021at10:08 pm

      तुझे बलिदान आणि तुझे कुटुंबीय व्यर्थ जाऊ शकणार नाहीत. जय हिंद!

  • Amit

    2020at11:18 am Reply

    Dearest brother

    Your sacrifice and that of your family shall not go in vain. Jai hind!

  • शिवाजी राऊत तत्कालीन वृत् प्रतिनिधी सातारा

    2021at9:14 am Reply

    साताऱ्याच्या शंकुटला यशवंत नेने आजी यांच्या कन्या याचा हा वीर हुतात्मा कॅप्टन विनायक गोरे होय त्याचे वीर.मरण त्याच्या आजींनी वेगळ्या प्रकारे सातारकर यांनी स्मृती म्हणून जपले आहे साताऱ्याच्या अजिंक्य तारा पायथ्यास असलेल्यां स्मृती वनात आजीच्या हस्ते बकुळ ते पिंपळ असे321 वृक्ष लावण्याचा प्रथम स्मृती दिनाच्या दिवशी संकल्प पार पाडला होता .तो आजीचा पिंपळ वृक्ष ते आजीचे व हुतात्मा विनायक चे नातेस्मृती वनात आजही जपले आहे त्याचे वृत् लोकसत्ताने आजीचा पिंपळ वृक्ष म्हणून त्यावेळी लीहले होते

  • अनुजा मांडवकर

    2021at12:56 pm Reply

    नमस्कार बाई
    मला आपला कॉन्टॅक्ट नं हवाय. आपल्या कार्या साठी मी काही मदत करू इच्छिते.

  • Dr. Varsha Parekh

    2022at12:31 am Reply

    A true brave heart of this motherland
    You will always remain in our daily prayers. Your bravery will never go in vain. Salute to you.
    Anuradha Madam, I just got to know about your noble deeds. Would love to meet you in person asap.

  • Ajay Gopal Kulkarni

    2022at10:33 am Reply

    मी अजय कुलकर्णी, राहणार बदलापूर, आमचा व्हॉट्स आप ग्रुप आपल्या कार्यास काही मदत करू इच्छितो, तरी आपली भेट घेवू इच्छितो, तेव्हा appointment साठी आपला संपर्क पत्ता, जसे फोन वगैरे, देण्याची कृपा करावी. आभारी.

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