Service No: IC-58154

Date of Birth: Sep 10, 1977

Birth Place : Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Service: Army

Last Rank: Captain

Unit :18 Garh Rif

Arm/Regt: The Garhwal Rifles

Operation :Op Vijay (Kargil)

Award : VrC

Date of Martyrdom : Jul 3, 1999

Captain Sumeet Roy, VrC

Captain Sumeet was born on 10th September 1977. Son of Shri Sapan Kumar Roy , Capt Sumeet hailed form Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Nicknamed as ‘Kuchi’ by his parents, Capt Sumeet was very talented and excelled in various fields such as horse riding and Karate. Capt Sumeet also did equally well in his studies.
Captain Sumeet was very adventurous and and always wanted to join the Army. He pursued his passion and joined the Indian army and was  commissioned into the Garhwal Rifles. Captain Sumeet Roy at the age of 21 years was the youngest second-in-command officer of Delta Company which was assigned to capture Point 4700 in the Drass sector during the Kargil war.
Kargil War : Battle Of Point 4700
On 28 June 1999 during ‘Operation Vijay’, Captain Sumeet Roy was assigned to capture Point 4700 in the Drass sector as second-in-command of the Delta company.  Captain Sumeet realized that the Point 4700 could be captured only if the observation post of the enemy on the cliff can be neutralized.
Captain Sumeet set out with a section in the night following a covered approach at 2330 hours. He reached just below the observation post and kept observing the movement of the enemy in the observation post till 0200 hours on 29 June 1999. Captain Sumeet then planned a surprise move to overrun the observation post of the enemy.
In a daredevil move and with total disregard to his personal safety,Captain Sumeet climbed up the cliff and reached the observation post. He then in a fierce hand-to-hand fight killed both the sentries on the observation post. The enemy troops were taken aback by this sudden turn of events and fled the post leaving behind huge quantity of arms and ammunition. This action of Captain Sumeet changed the course of the battle and cleared the way for Indian Army for future victories. Captain Sumeet displayed exemplary leadership and extraordinary courage at a young age of 21 years and became a source of inspiration for his troops. He was posthumously awarded the Vir Chakra for his contribution towards the capture of Point 4700.
However, Captain Sumeet later sustained injuries during enemy artillery firing and was martyred on 03 July 1999.
The citation of Vir Chakra awarded to Capt Sumeet Roy reads :
Captain Sumeet Roy was second in command of Delta Company on 28 June 1999, which was tasked to capture Point 4700 in Drass sector during Op Vijay. Captain Sumeet Roy was tasked to capture the observation post of the enemy. He set out with a section and at 2330 hrs, following a covered approach, reached just below the observation post.The officer kept observing movement of the enemy in the observation post till 0200 hrs on 29 June 1999.  In a dare-devil move and with total disregard to his personal safety, Captain Sumeet Roy climbed the cliff and reached the observation post and totally surprised the enemy. In a fierce hand-to-hand fight he killed both the enemy sentries. There was panic in the enemy ranks and the enemy fled leaving behind huge quantity of arms and ammunition. he officer , however, later succumbed to his injuries sustained due to enemy artillery on 03 July 1999 at Point 4700.
Captain Sumeet Roy displayed exemplary leadership, indomitable spirit , extraordinary courage and valour in the face of the enemy contributing immensely towards capture of Point 4700.
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    Captain Sumeet Roy named Indian Oil petrol pump in my area whenever I go there I see photo of Captain Sumeet Roy and feel proud on our soldiers of the great Indian army and also feel proud to be an indian

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