Service No: IC-10023

Service: Army

Last Rank : Captain

Unit: 2/8 GR

Arm/Regt: 58 Gorkha Training Centre

Date of Martyrdom : 22 Nov 1962

Captain BB Ghosh

Capt. BB Ghosh was a pass out of 1959 JSW (subsequently known as NDA) course. During his years with the Army, he was never posted in any peace station except perhaps for a short period at Ramgarh. Amongst his colleagues, he was known as ‘baby’.


He had served as adjutant in 2/8 Gorkha Regiment when Brig. Manekshaw (subsequently Field Marshall) was the boss of Gorkha Regiment. He also served as an ADC to the then Bengal Governor, Ms. Padmaja Naiduu for a short period.


Just prior to the 1962 war, he was posted in Nagaland and was injured fighting the rebel Nagas and subsequently was on leave due to the injury.  However, the injury did not deter Capt. Ghosh from going to the front to fight the Chinese. His passion to fight for India’s honor led to active participation during the war with China in which he attained martyrdom.


He was unmarried when he was killed in the battlefield.

Mr. Abhijit Ghosh recounts and pay his tribute to brother Capt BB Ghosh 


” I was 12 years old then and my brother was 26 years old, unmarried when he was killed in the battlefield. Earlier, he was adjutant in 2/8 Gorkha Regiment and that time Brig. Manekshaw (subsequently Field Marshall) was the boss of Gorkha Regiment. He also served as an ADC to the then Bengal Governor, Ms. Sarojini Naidu for a short period.


Just prior to the 1962 war, he was posted in Nagaland and was injured fighting the rebel Nagas and subsequently was on leave due to the injury.  Perhaps  Lal Dauz (his orderly was killed in that fight). Till date, I remember fondly Mr.Lal Dhauz who visited our house once and when offered an Ice cream he ate the whole lot in one go without removing the wrapper. The Gorkhas were honest, simple by heart and knew no fear.


But nothing could deter Capt. Ghosh from going to the front to fight the Chinese. I think his passion to fight for India’s honor led to his death.


I can even now recall the names of some of my brothers colleagues in Gorkha Regiment, Cardozo, Kalkat, Atri, Gurung (he ate 12 pieces of fish in one go) Joshi, Chauhan, chibber. I vividly remember these incidents as these army officers then Capt/major were all unique and very helpful, to say the least. A few of them even offered my father pecuniary help to our family of 5 children fed solely on my father’s meager salary. It is another matter that my father never accepted a single penny from any of them and struggled along with my mother all their life, sacrificed all comfort led a life with bare necessity just for our sake and gave us the best of education by virtue of which we all are well established today in the society.


I pray to God to give me the same parents, brother and sisters for the innumerable times if I were ever to be re-born.”


“Late capt. Ghosh was loved, adored and admired by neighbors’, friends besides family members was clearly visible even after his death. The entire neighborhood literally plunged into darkness where we lived. A family of Ahluwalias (our next door neighbor that time-Late Amar and Kanwar Singh) took care of our daily meals for nearly a month as our mother went into depression and couldn’t do cooking.”

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  • Abhijit Ghosh

    2016at2:48 am Reply

    I am younger brother of late capt. BB Ghosh. I can be contacted through my Delhi mob 9899958184 or email ID

  • philomina

    2017at12:59 pm Reply

    Every Indian is proud of you. My salute to you.

  • Arindam Dutta

    2017at2:07 pm Reply

    Capt. B.B. Ghosh was my Boro (elder) Mama. He died in 1962 (NEFA) and I was born in 1965 yet the bond developed between him & me are difficult to explain.
    Maybe, it could be because of the many stories recalled by my mother during my younger days or to the many memorabilia of his at my Grandparents house or to my in-born love for our armed forces or because of the immense feeling of pride all of which has somehow got soaked in my life.
    In his memory I travelled to Arunachal Pradesh in 2015 to Tawang on to Bumla. This travel had been on my mind for a long time and thanks to my father (Gp Capt. K.K. Dutta Vr.C Retd) who accompanied me, we were able to trace down the path of the Chinese incursion.
    I salute to the true Indian Soldier.

  • V K Chopra

    2017at6:01 am Reply

    Humble tribute to a brave soldier who sacrificed his life for the sake of our country

  • Khurjekars

    2017at9:29 am Reply

    Nation is proud of him.
    I & family salute him for his brave & fighting against enemies.

  • Bijoy Ghosh

    2017at2:57 pm Reply

    I fondly remember his photo with Mashima ,in the drawing room area. Also I remember the fateful day I was standing outside your house when the black trunk arrived in the evening……….. Humble tribute to your Dada -a brave soldier; we all are proud of him n will remember always .

  • Mrs. Subhra Ghosh

    2017at8:48 pm Reply

    I am the youngest sister of Capt. B B Ghosh. I was 8 years old when he died. As a little girl i only recollect that he was fond of listening to english music.
    I thought he was very handsome too. I still remember that fateful day when my mother was crying uncontrollably & i could not figure out what was
    happening around me.
    I pay my deepest tribute to my dada for fighting so courageously for his motherland. I believe he used to read “Bhagavad Gita” every night before going
    to bed. I also salute my parents who never regretted for having sent their son to Army. He is still alive in our hearts & will always be!

  • Nilanjana Nag Chowdhury

    2019at10:46 pm Reply

    I am the niece of Capt. BB Ghosh, daughter of his second sister. Although I was born seven years after his passing, I had developed a special bond, a sense of fondness and connection through the many anecdotal stories that my mother, Dipali Sarkar would tell my brother and me of our Boro Mama (elder uncle).
    Through these stories I got to know him as a kind, smart, affectionate and handsome man whose love for his family and the Nation was immense. The last time my mother got to see him was around May-June 1962 when he had come to Kolkata to meet his new born nephew (my brother); as he was leaving he hugged his sister tight and bid goodbye, not knowing that would be the very last time they would ever meet.
    A picture of him with my mother is posted on this site when she visited him in Ramgarh, originally part of the state of Bihar. My mother recalls how proud he was to show off his younger sister to everyone.
    I love him dearly and feel incredibly proud for his sense of duty and courage and knowing he touched so many hearts.

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