Service No : IC56818F


Arm/Regt : The Grenadiers

Operation : Op Parakram

Martyrdom : 2002

Captain B S Senger

We are in the process of gathering additional information about this fallen soldier and are putting painstaking efforts in scouring the data available in public domain, towards that end. You may appreciate that it is a humongous task to curate the information about all the martyrs since 1947 and the endeavor demands huge amount of time and resources. Thus, we need the support of the martyr’s family members, former Unit or Formation colleagues, other comrades and friends in this regard. Please share any information about this soldier, if you have, by virtue of your association with him to make his profile comprehensive and inspirational. The information may be in the form of text, photographs or video clips and may be sent as and when available, since the information is dynamically updated.


We would immensely appreciate your valuable assistance in sharing your knowledge about the inspirational journey of this spirited soldier. We look forward to your help in our mission of spreading awareness about the sacrifices of the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces, who gave it all for our brighter tomorrow.

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  • Kriti B. S. Senger

    2023at11:10 pm Reply

    All my life I have been around a lot of faujis I hardly have any clue how life in uniform feels reason 1 being to feel that you actually need to be worth it and 2ndly and most importantly for me personally it was like a hungry street child looking through the window of a restaurant who will never understand the taste of the food but will always know how expensive food looks like. I was 11 n a half months old when my father martyred so I have no memory of him what so ever. People meet, and very recently a renowned poet came to our home and recited his poems in honour of my father and trust me even his beautiful words knitted into the valour of Kargil Heros deep down I always knew it was for a soldier and not for the man who was supposed to be my father. There are very few moments when I have actually clubbed the 2 my father and this soldier one of these being when my extended family – my father’s parent unit – passing through allahabad actually Chanted alongside their commanding officer “Maj. Balendu Amar Rahe”. I very well remember till 1st standard I was actually confused in my father’s name ki whether it was Late Capt B.S. Senger, Balendu, Ballu or Balaji realising later it was all about one person. So trust me when Vineet Chauhan wrote a letter as a fauji to his veer nari,
    अंत में मैं आज भी प्रिय तुमसे कुछ मांगता हूं,
    हैं कठिन देना मगर निष्ठुर हृदय हो मांगता हूं।
    तुम नहीं वैधव्य की प्रतिमूर्ति या की साधिका को।
    तुम नहीं वैधव्य की प्रतिमूर्ति या की साधिका को।
    तुम अमर बलिदान की पुस्तक की पहली भूमिका हो।
    जानता हूं बालकों के प्रश्न सुलझे न होंगे, सैकड़ों ही प्रश्न होंगे जिनमें वे उलझे तो होंगे ।
    पूछते होंगे पापा हैं कहा कब आयेंगे और हमको साथ लेकर घूमने कब जाएंगै।
    तुम उन्हें समझना यूं जिद्द पे अड़ जाते नहीं है, और ज़ादा जिद्द करते हैं उनके पापा घर आते नहीं है।
    मैं यहां कुलदीप के हित शौर्य किस्से गढ़ रहा हूं,एक आधी सी प्रतिज्ञा उसके हिस्से कर रहा हूं।
    वंश की पावन अब तुम्ही को सौपता हूं और मै दुश्मन की गोली बन प्रवर्जन रोकता हूं।
    तुम अकेली हो, न इस धार्य को खोने न देना, भर उठे दुख से हृदय पर आंख को रोने न देना।
    And the fact that a veer nari has so much to say to her shaheed (I have Penned my own thoughts)-
    M naraz hoon tumse…
    M naraz hoon tumse…
    Lekin tumhara wada aaj bhi nibha rahi hoon
    Aakhon mein aaNsu par hoNthoN par aaj bhi muskaan samaa rhi hooN
    Aisa nahi tumhe tumhare he kiye waade se bacha rahi hoon….
    Bas tumhare chune raaste pr apna sabr azma rahi hoon…
    Tuta h sheesha tumse m apni maang suni kiye jaa rahi hoon….
    Tumhare pichhe chhute hue rishte m saare nibha rahi hoon….
    Bachhe poochte h papa chod ke q chale gaye
    M unhe bhi mana rahi hoon…
    Tumne sabse zyada tirange se pyaar kiye m khud ko bhi smjha rahi hoon And I really don’t have any other words to say just remember the feeling, the sense of patriotism and pride every soldier sees in his fellow soldiers eyes is equivalent to what the veee naari teaches their children every day.

    Jai Hind

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