Service No : IC-15531

Place of birth : Kasargod Dist(Kerala)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Captain

Unit : 92 Mtn Regt

Arm/Regt : The Regiment of Artillery

Operation : Indo-Pak War-1965

Martyrdom : September 7, 1965

Capt PM Hashim

Captain Pudiyapura Mohammad Hashim hailed from Kasargod district of Kerala.  He was inclined to serve in the Army since his younger days and continued to follow his dream while growing up. Eventually he joined the Army and was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery, a combat arm of Indian Army well known for its booming field guns and other heavy weaponry.  As a young second lieutenant, he joined his unit and soon got involved in various field operations. As the war clouds gathered on the horizon in early 1965, Capt Hashim's unit got deployed on the western border and he got the opportunity to take part in active operations in very early part of his career. 


Battle of Asal Uttar (Indo-Pak War) : 06-07 Sep 1965


During Sep 1965, Capt PM Hashim was serving with 92 Mountain Regiment, which was deployed in Khem Karan Sector of Punjab under the operational control of 4 Inf Div. The 92 Mtn Regt was raised on 23 March 1963 at  Ambala as 92 Mountain Composite Regiment with Lieutenant Colonel Sukhwant Singh as its first commanding officer and was equipped with howitzers. The epic battle of Asal Uttar was fought in Khem Karan Sector of Punjab between 6- 10 September 1965. The Battle of Asal Uttar was fought by 4 Mountain Division along with the troops of  7 Mountain Brigade, comprising three battalions of 4 Grenadiers, 7 Grenadiers, and 1/9 Gorkha Rifles. The other elements of 4 Mtn Div included 62 Mountain Brigade comprising 18 Rajputana Rifles, 9 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and 13 Dogra,  Deccan Horse equipped with Sherman tanks, one  Artillery Brigade and other supporting troops. The 4 Mtn Div was strong in artillery having four mountain regiments, one medium regiment, one field regiment Self Propelled, one light regiment (heavy mortars) and two composite regiments including Capt PM Hashim's 92 Mtn Regt.


4 Mtn Div planned to undertake its operation in two phases. In Phase I, 62 Mountain Brigade with an additional infantry battalion from 7 Infantry Division (1/9 Gorkha Rifles) was to capture territory up to the East Bank of the Ichogil canal and destroy bridges on the Ichogil canal. The additional battalion was primarily placed for the destruction of the bridges. In Phase II, 7 Mountain Brigade, with one squadron of Deccan Horse was to secure east of Ichogil canal from Ballanwala to the bridges north of The Pannu. 4 Mountain Division commenced its operations at 0500 hours on September 6. 62 Mountain Brigade captured its initial objectives. 13 Dogra too captured its objective against moderate opposition by 1100 hours. 9 JAK Rif also succeeded in taking the bundh on Rohi Nala. A company of 18 Raj Rif occupied the Shejra Bulge to ensure security of Khem Karan. As per the Divisional plan, Phase 2 was launched at 0800 hours on September 6. Capt PM Hashim and his fellow gunners provided the required support to the infantry units during the operations. The enemy was surprised by the Indian offensive but regained balance and counter attacked the positions captured by the Indians.


By the morning of September 7, the situation in 4 Mountain Division Sector was desperate. The General Officer Commanding of 4 Mountain Division asked permission of the General Officer Commanding 11 Corps to readjust his dispositions and establish a new defensive position astride axis Khem Karan – Bhikkiwind in Area Assal Uttar. The permission was given and the withdrawals started at 0930 hours September 7. The withdrawal was covered by Deccan Horse and heavy artillery by 92 Mtn Regt and other artillery regiments particularly on the road and rail bridges over Rohi Nala, which slowed down the enemy advance. However during this operation Capt PM Hashim and Second Lieutenant Padam Nath of 92 Mtn Regt got seriously injured in the fierce exchange of fire.  They soon succumbed to their injuries and were martyred.  Capt PM Hashim was a valiant soldier and a gritty officer, who led from the front and laid down his life in the line of his duty, following the highest traditions of the Indian Army.
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  • Abdulla M Mangalore

    2022at2:44 am Reply

    I am his beloved nephew now living in the US. He was promoted as Captain before the martyrdom. Kindly upate

  • Khalid T A

    2022at12:21 pm Reply

    Even the street named after him shows him as Lt..
    We will set the records straight

  • Abdulla Mohideen

    2022at1:33 pm Reply

    May I know who wrote the legacy? Want to connect with him.

  • Abdulla Mohideen

    2022at2:10 pm Reply

    Actually my question is who wrote the detailed step by step description of the battle above. Must be close to my uncle. Need to connect with him. Kindly get me the contact information.

  • Abdulla Mohideen

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    My email address is

  • Col LK Aggarwal

    2023at8:45 pm Reply
    Request confirm his full name if possible

    • Abdulla Mohideen

      2023at4:08 am

      His full name is Pudiyapura Mohammad Hashim

    • Abdulla Mohideen

      2023at10:37 pm

      Dear Col LK Aggarwal,

      HI body was never found. Do you know the reasons please ? Was it torn to pieces by Patton tank gun fire or was he martyred in enemy territory and they never bothered to return the body. The reason I am asking is I want to visit that place and offer prayers.

      Abdulla Mohideen

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