Service No : IC-48171

Date of Birth: Aug 16, 1968

Service: Army

Last Rank: Captain

Unit: 9 Para

Arm/Regt : The Parachute Regiment

Operation : Op Rakshak (J&K)

Award: AC,SM

Date of Martyrdom : Sep 15, 1995

Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia AC,SM

Captain Arun Singh Jasrotia hailed from Sujanpur in Pathankot district of Punjab and was born on 16 August 1968. The only son of an Army veteran Lt Col Prabhat Singh Jasrotia and Smt Satya Devi, Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia belonged to the family of war veterans. Besides his father, his grandfather too served in the Army and retired as a Lt Col with 2 Dogra Regiment.
Capt Arun also had a dream to wear Army uniform like his father and grandfather and followed his dream by joining NDA after completing his schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, in Pathankot. He was commissioned into 8 Bihar battalion of the Bihar Regiment on 17 December 1989. During his initial service, Capt Arun took part in “Op Rakshak” under 8 Mountain Division and 28 Inf Div sector and proved his mettle as a professional and committed soldier. He was awarded ‘Sena Medal’ for his exceptional service and devotion to duty. Later Capt Arun was inducted into 9 Para (Special Forces), a unit known for daredevil operations in very demanding situations.
Lolab Valley Operation: 15 Sep 1995 

During 1995, Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia’s unit was deployed in J & K area for anti-insurgency operations. On 15 Sep 1995, Capt Arun’s unit had received credible information from intelligence sources about presence of 20 terrorists in a cave in Lolab valley. A decision was taken by the security forces to launch a search and destroy operation to nab the terrorists under the leadership of  Capt Arun.


Capt Arun along with his troops swung into action and set off to an arduous climb towards the suspected hideout. After about nearly ten hours the team reached the general area at a height approximately 3000 meters in the Lolab Valley of Jammu & Kashmir. As the team came closer to the cave, they were attacked by the militants from well-entrenched positions. Capt Arun, having realized the situation decided to face the terrorists himself and killed one with his commando knife. He killed one more terrorist with a hand grenade and lunged forward towards the cave.


While moving forward towards the cave Capt Arun got hit by a bullet in the shoulder and was grievously injured. But he refused to move back and in a rare show of courage, shot dead the terrorist who had fired at him. When he reached near the cave, he was hit by two more bullets in the gut and chest and collapsed. Inspired by his bravery and leadership, the troops attacked the militants with double vigour and aggression and eliminated all of them. Capt Arun later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. He was awarded the nation’s highest peace time gallantry award “Ashok Chakra” for his outstanding courage, devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice. The Punjab government also conferred Captain Arun Singh Jasrotia with the “Nishan-e-Khalsa” award in 1999.

Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia is survived by his parents Lt Col Prabhat Singh Jasrotia(Retd) and Smt Satya Devi Jasrotia.

The citation for the Ashoka Chakra awarded to Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia reads:

On 15th September 1995 Captain Jasrotia, SM of 9 PARA (SF) while leading his team in Lolab Valley, J&K came under heavy rocket and small arm fire. In order to extricate his men, this brave officer crawled forward and in-spite of being injured gravely killed one terrorist with his commando knife and neutralized the other terrorist by lobbing grenades. His brave and gallant action gave opportunity for his comrades to take cover and engage the remaining terrorists effectively. In the ensuing firefight, the brave officer succumbed to his injuries. However, in retaliation, the commandos eliminated all remaining terrorists. For his gallant action, Captain Arun Jasrotia was awarded the highest peacetime gallantry award of ASHOKA CHAKRA posthumously.

  • Lt Col Prabhat Singh Jasrotia father of Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia while paying tribute to his son said, “the glint of his son’s eyes can’t be missed and he was proud to have a son like him who truly belonged to their family of war veterans”.
  • The letter by then US envoy Frank Wisner to Capt Arun Singh Jasrotia’s father:   In a letter to Capt Arun Jasrotia’s father, Wisner wrote: “I admired you as you took the award in his memory. I met your son when I visited the Special Forces unit in Dehradun in June 1995 and I was most impressed by his professionalism.”
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  • R.minhas

    2018at2:18 pm Reply

    Well done by an officer!

    • Jayashree Venkatesh

      2021at1:34 pm

      “Happy” as we knew him in school was a thorough gentleman! Quite, extremely intelligent, suave and quite clearly a person with nerves of steel and exemplary bravery and standards. Such men aren’t often made. Wherever you are Arun, thankyou for what you did and be happy
      I feel so privileged to have known you.

    • Navdeep Singh manhas

      2022at3:45 am

      I know his family, and his home is hardly 500 mtrs away from my home , we have a gate in sujanpur in the name of Capt Arun singh jasrotia , I read this kind of brave and fearless hero’s stories , even I am out of India if any help message me on +971564722876 god bless his soul Jai hind

  • Abhinav Sharma

    2018at8:53 am Reply

    Grand Salute, Sir.

  • Sunil Lamba

    2018at11:01 am Reply

    Happy was his pet name very jovial guy he was my classmate in class 7&8 at KV No 1 Tezpur. Still remember Fondly. Miss u yaar Happy

  • Buntybhagat

    2019at2:43 am Reply

    Salute to our city solider

    • sundeep walia

      2020at3:36 am

      Really Pathankot is a land of brave hearts

  • Buntybhagat

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    Salute to our country real hero army solider

  • Jos Xavier Araujo

    2020at4:33 pm Reply

    Could you check the date of commission.
    IF 73 NDA, it should be Dec 1988.
    I am from 53 NDA, and my army course mates were commissioned in Dec 1978.

  • Rajveer Singh Jasrotia

    2021at12:42 pm Reply

    Iam proud to be his nephew.

    • Arun Kalia

      2021at3:18 pm

      Lucky you .

  • moninder saini

    2021at10:47 pm Reply

    Salute to the great soldier and great son of the mother India.
    want to know about Arun sir parents !!

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