Service No : MS14721P

Date of Birth: 06 Jan 1982

Service: Army

Last Rank : Captain

Unit : 308 FD Hosp

Arm/Regt : Army Medical Corps

Operation : Op Meghdoot

Date of Martyrdom : 23 Dec 2006

Capt Arun Shankar

Capt Arun Shankar was born on 06th Jan 1982 and hailed from Thrissur district in Kerala. Son of an Army veteran Hony Capt Sivasankaran, Capt Arun did his initial schooling  from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. Later as his father was transferred to serve at various places, he studied in various schools in Gangtok, Lucknow and Chennai. Finally he completed his high school form Kendriya Vidyalaya at Thrissur in Kerala. During his student days, Capt Arun was brilliant in academics and his name on the wall of fame bears that testimony.


Right from his younger days, he was always inclined to join the Armed Forces and serve with the Army Medical Corps like his father. He continued to pursue his dream and eventually got selected to join the prestigious AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College) in the year 1999. Besides academics, Capt Arun had interest in music and excelled in playing tabla. After completing his course at AFMC, he was posted to the Kashmir valley as his first assignment to serve with the 308 Field hospital.


Op Meghdoot : 23 Dec 2006


During Dec 2006, Capt Arun’s unit was deployed at Siachen Glacier, in Ladakh region. The unit was deployed at the Saltoro ridge along the AGPL (Actual Ground Position Line) South-West of the Siachen Glacier. Siachen considered to be the second longest glacier in the world is also known as the world’s highest battleground, situated at an altitude of 5,700 meters. The extremely low temperatures – which can drop to minus 60 degrees Celsius during winter – have claimed hundreds of lives since 1984, when India and Pakistan stationed their troops on the Glacier. The soldiers at the Saltoro ridge located about 20 km South-West of Siachen have to fight not only the treacherous enemy but the extreme hostile weather too on a daily basis.


Capt Arun as a medical officer was responsible to provide the medical support to the troops stationed at the Glacier. The unit had to face medical emergencies on a regular basis on account of the harsh operating conditions specially in the winter months.Capt Arun handled such situations many a times and ensured that various protocols were followed to keep the troops fighting fit. Besides taking precautions while performing operational duties, the soldiers had to resort to various measures to keep them warm and remain healthy. The extreme cold conditions necessitated the use of diverse specialist equipment like heaters, diesel powered generating sets, rescue equipment, warm clothing etc. The diesel powered generating sets were often used to power lighting, electric heaters and other equipment. On 23 Dec 2006, Capt Arun was resting in his tent that had the generating set running to power the heater. Due to unknown reasons, Capt Arun got seriously affected with the Carbon Monoxide released by the diesel powered generating set and lost his life.


Capt Arun Shankar was a committed soldier and a fine officer who laid down his life in the line of his duty.

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  • N.Priyanka Mardi

    2020at4:04 pm Reply

    Captain Arun Shankar was my class mate in Kendriya Vidyalaya Meenambakkam, Chennai (7th grade). He was very smart and intelligent student. He was very friendly and outgoing person.

  • Sukumar Manghat AL ghaftain(suku)

    2020at12:14 pm Reply

    Capt. Arun Shankar he is extra talented boy from my family. His father(my brother) also was soldier in Army medical crops. He selected medical selection all India level, a
    Afmsd and kerala university. He and brother decided join army. He completed his course in good Mark. Also Arun was interested to serve for Indian army. Capt. Arun father’s four brothers also was in Indian army. That inspired him to join Indian army. 3 of them served in Army supply core and another 2 in AMC. We proud of him. Our family, my mother sent 5bof her sons agreed to join Indian army. Capt. Arun from his chill hood he was telling that he will keep status of army family. Our family proud of him and indian Army.

  • Sanoj

    2021at10:00 am Reply

    We are forever thankful and deeply indebted to the dedication and service of each of the members of the Indian military force. The immeasurable sacrifices made by you and your family even in times of adversity will always be in our hearts.
    We sincerely thank each of the family members for always being strong pillars of support to our heroes. We get to live the lives we live only because you have put nation’s interest and safety above your personal dreams and happiness.
    We hope everyone in the country will have a greater appreciation for all your sacrifices in the days to come. Praying for your good health and peace.

  • Oommen Mathew

    2021at9:17 pm Reply

    Very sad to hear the unfortunate way that death came to our young brave Capt Arun Shankar.
    Really it was a great loss to his family and for us countrymen or else he could have done more for our country.

    Anway a BIG salute to him and his family for the sacrifice he had done for us .
    He was young and could have gone miles and miles ..
    Really feel like crying and this makes us ashamed that we are unable to do anything for our country when these brave soldiers gave their life in a very short age.

    Due to their scarifice we are enjoying our lives with our family.

    Once again a BIG salute and Thanks to the brave soldier and his family.

  • Shashikant Sharma

    2023at3:31 pm Reply

    In loving memory of Medical Cadet Arun Shankar, a remarkable individual who embodied the qualities of an avid reader, a dedicated soldier, and a compassionate doctor. Arun hailed from Kerala, affectionately known as a Mallu, and his zest for life was evident in everything he pursued.

    As an avid reader, Arun’s thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. He found solace and inspiration within the pages of books, constantly expanding his understanding of the world. Whether it was medical literature, military history, or fiction, Arun’s curiosity knew no limits, enriching his mind and spirit.

    His journey as a soldier was nothing short of admirable. Joining the armed forces was a testament to his sense of duty and commitment to serving his nation. Fearless and resolute, Arun fearlessly stood at the forefront, protecting the borders of his beloved country.

    Arun’s dream of becoming a doctor was deeply rooted in his desire to heal and alleviate suffering. His compassionate nature and unwavering dedication to patients made him a beloved and respected figure in the medical community. He treated every individual with empathy, offering them not just medical care but also a comforting presence during their times of distress.

    Tragically, Arun’s life was cut short during Operation Meghdoot at Siala Post. His sacrifice in the line of duty is a profound loss to his family, friends, and the entire nation. His memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew him, as an embodiment of bravery, intelligence, and humanity.

    As we remember Medical Cadet Arun Shankar, let us cherish his legacy and honor the selfless service he rendered to his country. May his spirit inspire future generations to follow his path of knowledge, valor, and compassion.

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