Naik Binoy Basak SM

Naik Binoy Basak hailed from Saboom village of South Tripura district in Tripura. As he was inclined to join the Armed Forces since his younger days, he joined the army after completing his initial school education. He was recruited into the 11 Mahar Battalion of

Sepoy Vijay Kumar

Sepoy Vijay Kumar hailed from a very small village of hills in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and was born on 20 Aug 1969. Son of Shri Hari Singh and Smt Baharo Devi, Sep Vijay had  a brother Ajay Rana as his sibling. He

Lieutenant Kuldeep Singh

Lieutenant Kuldeep Singh hailed from Rohtak district in Haryana and was born on 15 March 1978. Son of Shri Khushi Ram and Smt Raj Kumari, he was youngest of five siblings and had one brother Partap and three sisters Kanta, Neelam & Sheela as his

Captain Hari Rajkumar SC

Capt Hari Raj Kumar was commissioned into 9 Grenadiers battalion of the Grenadiers Regiment, an infantry Regiment known for its valiant soldiers and various battle honours. After completing his training he served in various operational areas and developed into a tough soldier and gritty officer