Major Hardev Singh Grewal VrC

Maj Hardev Singh Grewal hailed from Jalandhar in Punjab and was born on 10th December 1938.  He joined the army at the age of 25 years on 9th February 1964.  He was commissioned into 9th Battalion of the Jat Regiment, a regiment known for its

ME-I Hukma Ram Jat

ME I Hukma Ram Jat hailed from Dungari village of Sambhar tehsil in Jaipur district of Rajasthan and was born on 01st Jan 1949. Son of Shri Mangu Ram and Smt Kani Devi, he had Shri Ramkaran and Shri Sardar Jeetarwal as his younger brothers.

EAP-4 Sugan Chand Chauhan

EAP-4 Sugan Chand Chauhan hailed from Ajmer in Rajasthan and was born on 16 August 1948. Son of Shri Gowardhan Lal Chauhan and Smt Chand Devi, EAP-4 Sugan Chand joined Ajmer Polytechnique College after his initial school education. He studied Civil Engineering at the Polytechnique

EAR 5 E John

EAR 5 E John was born on November 11th 1950 in a Naval family. Son of a Naval veteran P.E.John and Smt Sosamma John, he had three siblings, Mary Jacob, Varghese John and Jems Villa. As EAR 5 E John’s father was in the Navy,

2nd Lt Jayendra Jai Singh Rane VrC

2nd Lt Jayendra Jai Singh Rane hailed from Gwalior district in Madhya Pradesh and was born on 27 April 1949. Son of Army veteran Major JS Rao Rane, he always wanted to follow into the footsteps of his father and serve in the Armed Forces.

Gunner Arumugam P VrC

Gunner Armugam P hailed from Thathavalli village in the Tirupathur district of Tamil Nadu and was born on 21 July 1945. Son of Shri Muniswamy and Smt Mangaiammal, Gunner Armugam joined the Army on 21st July 1965 at the age of 20 years. He was

Gunner Jagmal Singh

Gunner Jagmal Singh hailed from Karawara Manakpur village of Rewari district in Haryana and was born on 02 Apr 1947. Son of Shri Manohar Lal, he joined the Indian Army on 04 Aug 1967 at the age of 20 years. He was enrolled into 57

Paratrooper Krishna Panicker Udayan

Paratrooper Krishna Panicker Udayan hailed from Madathil Pedi Kayail village in Alleppey district from Kerala. After his preliminary education, he joined the Army and was recruited into the  Parachute Regiment of the Indian army. Later on, he joined 4 Para (Special Forces) the elite unit