LWTR Karam Singh

LWTR Karam Singh hailed from Naruana village in the Bathinda district of Punjab and was born in the year 1947. Son of Shri Jagger Singh and Smt Chand Kaur, he had three brothers (Ajmer Singh, Mahinder Singh, Avtar Singh) and three sisters (Ajmer Kaur, Amarjit

Major AK Ghosh

Major Ashok Kumar Ghosh hailed from West Bengal and was born in a military family. Son of an army veteran, he also wanted to join the Armed Forces like his father and other brothers (His one brother JC Ghosh joined the Army and another brother

Major HD Manjrekar

Major HD Manjrekar hailed from Mumbai in Maharashtra. He was commissioned into 8 Guards battalion of the Brigade of Guards, one of the finest and most battle-hardened infantry regiments of the Indian Army. After completing his training, he served in various operational areas and developed