Vijay Diwas Fest-Writing Contest 2020

Vijay Diwas Fest-Writing Contest 2020

“Jaya Hey”- Vijay Diwas Fest


All India Open Online Writing Contest


Rules and Guidelines:           


  1. The purpose of the contest is to create awareness about the martyrs of our Armed Forces among the youth of our country and strengthen their national spirit.
  1. The contest is open to all students pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate (full time/distance learning) courses in any college/university or independent institution located in India.
  1. There is no participation fee and only Indian nationals can take part in the contest.


What to Submit


  1. The article should cover the life story of any one fallen hero of our Armed Forces from 1947 till date. (Any one fallen hero out of over 26000 mentioned in The selected soldier could be a fallen hero of any of the wars or ongoing operations.
  1. The article could cover the inspirational journey of the fallen soldier with details about his personal life as well as his heroic deeds in uniform.
  1. The content of the article should have information in addition to what is given in about the selected soldier. The participants are advised to choose rather unknown/unsung heroes for their articles to adhere to this requirement.
  1. The content must be original and a bona fide effort of the participants. However, the information may be based on various sources viz. books, magazines, newspapers, and internet or personal accounts of fellow soldiers/family members. All the sources referred must be clearly mentioned (along with the web links if any) either in the footnotes or at the end of the article.
  1. The length of the article could vary from minimum 1000 words to a maximum of 3000 words. The participants can attach relevant pictures in support of the written material to make the coverage of life story more comprehensive.
  1. A participant can submit more than one article and there is no limit on the number of entries by one participant. The article should be submitted in a typed form in Doc format. The language of the article could be either English or Hindi and the body of the submission should be in the specified format (Font: Times New Roman(For English) or Mangal (For Hindi), Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.5, Justified).


How to Participate


  1. There is no registration required for the contest. The participants can submit their articles to the email address with the subject line “Jaya Hey-Article Submission”. The mail should contain the participants’ personal details (Name & contact number) and a copy of ID proof (college/university/institution ID) as well.




Honourpoint Foundation (hereafter referred as the Organizers) has constituted a panel of judges for the contest which also includes some family members of the martyrs of our Armed Forces. The decision of the judging panel will be final and binding on all participants in respect to all matters relating to this contest. The distinguished panel of judges includes:

      • Smt Neeharika Avasthy Naidu, daughter of Lt Col Bramhanand Avasthy (Fallen Hero of 1962 Indo-China War)
      • Smt Minnoo Singh, sister of Major Vikrant Sastry SM (Fallen Hero of 1995)
      • Wg Cdr Jaswant Singh Khokhar (Retd), brother of 2nd Lt Jasmel Singh Khokhar (Fallen Hero of 1971 Indo-Pak War)
      • Air Vice Marshal PK Shrivastava VSM (Retd), Vice Chancellor MP University, Bhopal
      • Kulpreet Yadav, a celebrated Author and Motivational Speaker
      • Dr Manjunatha Basavannappa Chalageri, Principal New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore


Results and Prizes


  1. The results would be announced within four weeks after the last date of submission (16 Dec 2020) and would be published on the Honourpoint website and its social media pages. The prizes for the contest are:
    • First Prize: Rs 25,000/- and Certificate of Excellence
    • Second Prize: Rs 15,000/- and Certificate of Excellence
    • Third Prize: Rs 10,000/- and Certificate of Excellence
    • 15 Consolation Prizes
    • Certificate of Recognition to top 100 participants


Evaluation Criteria


  1. While assessing the submitted article the following aspects would be considered:
    • Originality and clarity of the content
    • Quality and extent of research
    • Language and structure of the article
  1. All the articles submitted shall be the exclusive property of the Organizers and they will be free to use the information in any form as they deem fit.




  1. The Organizers reserve the right to modify these rules if so required, at their discretion. In the event of a dispute regarding the winners, the Organizers reserve the right to award or not award the prizes in their sole discretion. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant whose entry or conduct appears in any way to: tamper with the competition; violate these rules; infringe on the rights of third parties; or act in a disruptive manner.
  1. By entering the contest all participants confirm that their entries are their own original work and not an imitation of any manner, whatsoever. The participants further confirm and declare that they have not infringed on any third party rights. 
  1. Any participant found in infringement of any third party rights, including but not limited to any copyright will be disqualified from the contest. The Organizers shall not be responsible for copyright violations or infringement of any intellectual property carried out by the participants.
  1. By sending entries to this contest, a participant explicitly accepts the terms and conditions stated herein.




  1. The participants can submit their entries from 26 Nov 2020 (Samvidhan Diwas) to 16 Dec 2020 (Vijay Diwas).
  1. The participants may follow Facebook :/honourpoint and Instagram :@honourpoint for further updates and results.